Written by  :  ZombieDepot (48)
Written on  :  Oct 18, 2001
Platform  :  Windows

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Pure Hack and Slash

The Good

At first Diablo seems like an excellent and addictive game, the music is very cool, the graphics are great, and the sound effects are great.

The game's intro is excellent, if not confusing, but manages to give a creepy environment about the surroundings of Tristram. You create a character from 3 classes each with their own advantages and disadvantages, the interface is easy to use and very clean, people new to the RPG gaming scene will find it very easy to create their own character.

You begin the game in Tristram with very little equipment and barely enough gold to buy anything. You wander around for a while then begin pick up on quests from talking to the NPCs, soon enough you enter the cathedral and start bashing down level after level of skeletons, demons, and other evil monsters.

The Bad

I didn't like many things about Diablo, instead of going into a large amount of detail about each of them, I will just list them off.

- Lack of a feature to make your character run (you have to walk away from monsters, and walking around Tristram gets annoying)

- Battle.net is full of PKs, cheaters and liars (this does not make multiplayer very fun)

- The game is pure hack and slash and is considered an RPG by almost everyone

- Besides getting quests for new things to kill, and purchasing from, the NPCs have very little importance.

- The hack and slash gets redundant and tedious after you reach level 4 of the dungeon.

The Bottom Line

For it's time Diablo was pretty good, a lot of other gaming companies tried to clone Blizzard's success with a hack and slash adventure game, but failed. Today Diablo can't compete with real RPGs that offer everything it didn't.

If you've never played an RPG before, and want to start with something easy with simple RPG elements try Diablo. If you want something with a great plot line, memorable characters, and more.... try something else.