Die by the Sword Credits (Windows)

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Die by the Sword Credits


Project LeadersPeter T. Akemann, Dogan Koslu
ProductionPeter T. Akemann, Christopher A. Busse, Mark Nau
Lead ProgrammingPeter T. Akemann
ProgrammingPeter T. Akemann, James Fristrom, Dogan Koslu, Charles Tolman
Art DirectorChris Soares
Graphics / ArtworkChristopher A. Busse, Tomo Moriwaki, Chris Soares
Level / Scenario DesignChristopher A. Busse, Tomo Moriwaki, Mark Nau, Chris Soares
Additional ProgrammingMarc A. Fielding
Additional Graphics / ArtworkErik Alwill, Philip Salas
Choas MasterEric Steinmann
Acting / VoiceoversBrian Cummings, Tony Jay, Larry Peacock, Michael York

Digital Voodoo

DirectorJayesh J. Patel
3D Programming, InstallerDarren L. Monahan, Gabriel Valencia
Movie PlayerPaul Allen Edelstein

Quality Assurance

DirectorChad Allison
QA ManagerSteve Victory
TestersMatthew Golembiewski, Robert Hanz, Robert Lark, Robert Giampa, Douglas Finch, Lawrence Smith, James Harrison, Scot Humphreys, Erik Guenther, Robert Nichols
QA IS ManagerFrank Pimentel
QA IS TechnicianBill Delk
Director of CompatabilityPhuong Nguyen
Compatability TechnicansDan Forsyth, Derek Gibbs, Jonathan Darke, Marc Duran, Aaron Olaiz
Lead TestersErick Lujan, Frank Wesolek


Localization CoordinatorsThomas R. Decker, Julian Ridley
Localization TestersHeike Walther, Marina Bermon, Rafael López

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Credits for this game were contributed by Chris Soares (37), Jeanne (76515), Darren Monahan (28) and Marc Fielding (11)