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Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Loading screen
John McClane has landed
Main title (yes, the movie sequences are in widescreen :)
Mr. Takagi speaks
John arrives at Nakatomi Plaza
Argyle offers his help
Nakatomi Plaza lobby
Hey, I am looking for Holly McClane
Remember that guy from the movie? I do...
Mr. Takagi welcomes John
Remember that guy Ellis?
Your wife Holly
Arrival of the terrorists
Yep... looks pretty familiar! Even the music is the same.
The party is over
John does the right thing - he escapes!
The "Hans Gruber to Takagi"-Speech is very nicely done
Sit down!
The evil hax0r (note how detailed his face is - very good models!)
Now THAT is a stupid question!
Mr. Takagi gets executed
Think, John! Think!
This scene, where John activates the fire alarm, is like in the movie too, with the exception that you won't see the fire truck turning away.
Kicked some bad guys sorry asses. Note that John McClane is left-handed in the movie, so he uses all his weapons with the left hand.
Okay, this area looks about the same as in the movie, but they of course increased it's size so there is more room for shootouts.
But it's creepy alright... you never know where the bad dudes are hiding...
Of course, they increased the number of bad guys so we have plenty of material to use our guns on. And that's okay, since the rest of the movie script gets executed very well.
Oops... "I see dead people" :D
This door is blocked with some boards. Wait a second... boards...
... didn't I see an fire axe somewhere? Yep! And with this handy tool, we remove the barricade.
The guy who gets a Santa Claus suit in the movie... I hope I'll kill him fast, looks pretty tough.
Reginald Vel Johnson is the ONLY movie cast member to reprise his role for the game (Officer Powell)
Possibly a first, Motorola coughed up the product placement bucks to have their 2-way radio featured in the game.
Sewers? I don't remember sewers in Die Hard but I guess it's an FPS so there has to be a sewer level. I think it's some kind of law.
It wouldn't be Die Hard unless you could crawl through air ducts with your Zippo lighter.
If you saw the set in the movie, it's probably here. Remember the large zig-zagging conference table?
Battling Karl, the professional (with a dorkier haircut than the movie version). Too bad you don't get to hang him with the chains like in the movie
If Half-Life, Max Payne, Soldier of Fortune, and No One Lives Forever have taught me anything, it's that helicopters are NOT my friend
Cowboy confrontation with Hans Gruber, who's holding your wife hostage