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Dilbert's Desktop Games Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen and Main Menu
"Enduring Fools" game involves zapping annoying co-workers
There's quite a few fools to endure
"Elbonian Airlines" involves flinging management zombies via slingshot
Load up the next one...
Well, he might just make it...
In "Boss Evaders", Dilbert must avoid the projects his bosses assign him.
Dilbert's only defense is to fire back status reports, which will get a boss off his back.
Every so often they'll be a Bungie Boss. Hitting him with a status report will assign you an extra life (or Dilbert-esque equivilant)..
Yes it's Space Invaders... but these bosses have learned a few new pattern formations...
Catbert's Can-O-Matic gives new meaning to the phrases "aiming for successful projects" and "avoiding flawed products"
Not every employee will make it. Luckily Catbert doesn't think highly of them anyway.
The goal of "Project Pass-Off" is to grab the choice assignments (funding, org charts) while avoiding any actual WORK
mmmmm... donuts...
In the "CEO Simulator" you start with a small-sized company
To get success out of the company you must hire employees and motivate them. Just like any good CEO...
Have some Fun with Stamps and add a dangerous zest to any documents, such as this MOBYGAMES FAQ
Using "The Jargonizer" you can copy any text into it and then...
... at the push of a button, turn into a strange language worthy of a memo or a mission statement