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Main Title
Regina, female protagonist of the game.
Just escaped the claws of T-Rex, and ready to search for survivors.
It adds to the ambience seeing dinos walking around you yet not as a part of present location.
Like any survival-horror, mysteries begins to sum to the plot's progression.
Character's statistics and inventory screen.
Caught in the line of fire.
No ink ribbons required here. At each terminal you can save as many times you want, on up to 100 different slots.
Reaching for a medical kit.
Using a shotgun to blast your way outta water pump area.
While exploring, typical text instead of speech will be used.
In between scenery is in a typical Capcom fashion we all know from RE series.
Using advantage of a higher point.
Now this is a situation that contradicts to one with even the odds.
As if dinos aren't enough of a menace, now you must dodge the fire from mysterious shooters.
Playing as Regina, on the boat on which you arrived to this time and place.
Cuffing a prisoner until you find some resources for questioning.
Surrounding yourself with a fire protects enough against some creatures. Not much against birds, though, but they do get high temperature.
Options on the phone terminals that are spread across the game.
Using boat cannon to fend off attackers while Regina is piloting.
Using heavy machine gun to tame the waves.
This is called to be in a predicament.
Prepping for one of many boss fights, but only underwater one.
Running through a T-Rex nest while Regina protects you with an artillery fire.
When someone like this is chasing you, it's not healthy to stop and inquire for reasons.
Some dinos can only be harmed with a certain weapons, so read dino files whenever collectiong some to find more about their weaknesses.
Flamethrower is good against group of raptors but also empties quickly.
Discussing a next logical step.
As it is with boss fights in Capcom games, it isn't enough the boss itself, but the time must tick away as well.
Aside Regina, Dylan is the male protagonist of the game.