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DiRT Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

"Welcome to Colin McRae Dirt!"
Menus fly in a fancy 3D environment.
Details of your car can be seen at the beginning of every race.
Race start
This can happen if you lack driving skills.
And this (yes, that's a door in the middle of the road.)
First "car" view is only for speed junkies.
Repetitions allow for some good looking photos.
DiRT is not only about rallies.
Very nice cockpit view of the finish line.
The replay starts automatically after finishing a race.
My time isn't really good, although I got 1st place.
Most events consist of more than one race.
Before a race you are in the service area where you can tune your vehicle.
On the loading screen stats inform you about your overall career.
Stadium courses are almost always against one or more opponents.
Unlocked two more events.
A small glimpse on the pyramid of available events in the career mode
Tier 1, Event 1 - your starting point
Made first place - a good reason to be happy.
The start of one of the many other rally series in replay mode.
Selecting a truck
Rally raid
Aggressive tactics
Buy a Lancia Delta for $900,000
Replay of race
Semi truck race
3rd person view
Replay of semi rally
Lots of money from winning a race