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Finally a Turned-Based strategy game WORTHY of "replacing" Heroes of Might & Magic Indra was here (20866) 4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.5
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.8
Overall User Score (25 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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Withingames (Feb 14, 2002)
Als großer Fan des ersten Teils habe ich persönlich dem Nachfolger natürlich entgegengefiebert und wurde gottlob auch nicht enttäuscht. Schwächen wie die wirklich magere Präsentation wurden konsequent verbessert, wobei in einigen Punkten durchaus noch Spielraum nach oben gewesen wäre. Was mich neben der hervorragenden künstlerischen Gestaltung besonders beeindruckt hat ist der äußerst herausfordernde Schwierigkeitsgrad, wie ich ihn schon lange in keinem Spiel mehr erlebt habe. Für mich daher ganz klar die Genrereferenz, die das bald erscheinende Heroes of Might and Magic 4 erst einmal toppen muß.
Game Vortex (Feb 18, 2002)
The reason you will want to play Disciples II: Dark Prophecy at all is because the game play is addictive, and the graphics and sound are of exceptionally high quality. Since game play is streamlined, and it does not get in your way like it can in similar games, you will be less inclined to become bored with the game. And since it offers the tools to create your own quests and sagas, even after you've completed those provided, you will be able to download new ones from the Internet, or create your own.
Just RPG (Mar 25, 2003)
Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy’s gorgeous visuals will amaze the eyes as the gameplay excites the spirit and the finely composed music and sounds stir the soul!
Click! (Aug, 2002)
DISCIPLES II oferuje emocjonującą rozgrywkę. Czasami ta gra wydawała mi się ciekawsza od znacznie słynniejszego "krewniaka" czyli programu HoMM IV. Dla miłośników strategii to program wręcz obowiązkowy i gwarantujący rewelacyjną zabawę.
Game Chronicles (Apr 08, 2002)
In summary, Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy is one of the best, if not the best, turn-based strategy games that I have ever played. With its beautiful looks and engaging gameplay, you will be hard-pressed to find another game with the depth and exciting gameplay that this one offers. If you enjoy playing turn-based strategy games, then this is one that you need to add to your collection. Once again, Strategy First has come through with an excellent blend of graphics, sound, and gameplay in a package that is easy to learn and play, I would highly recommend that you pick up this title.
HardGamers (Feb 23, 2002)
Bref, Disciples II est un excellent jeu. Strategy First prouve hors de tout doute qu'il est possible de développer des jeux de carrure internationale au Québec. Un environnement graphique éblouissant, une durée de vie à faire pâlir tous les autres jeux et, devinez quoi, le jeu est sans bogues, ce qui est plutôt rare de nos jours. Amateurs de jeux de stratégie par tour, Disciples II est une valeur sûre. Pour les autres, essayez le démo pour voir si ce genre de jeu colle bien à vos aspirations.
ActionTrip (Feb 22, 2002)
The graphics in Disciples II can only be displayed in a fixed resolution of 800x600 with 16-bit colors, which I'm happy to say in no way hinders their overall quality. One of the best things about the graphics is the well-recognizable Disciples artwork, which only enhances the great fantasy atmosphere. Sound is another great upside to this game. Apart from the well-done hero comments, each type of the terrain has a specific set of melodies which make you really get into the groove. Disciples II is one of the best games in its genre and there is no better way to wait for the fourth sequel of HoMM than to play a bit of D2: Dark Prophecy.
Gamers' Temple, The (Feb 07, 2002)
A fascinating game that provides a tremendous amount of gameplay. Players will find hours of fun melting away as they keep telling themselves, "just one more turn..." It might not be entirely original, but it is a good enough game that it does not really matter. It's difficulty may prove to be an obstacle to some players, though.
Strategy Gaming Online (Mar 04, 2002)
Disciples 2 is a game that can be likened to chess: the combat and turn structure are formulaic but no less fun thereby. The gameplay is deeper than that. Rather, there is a rhythm to this game that makes it very appealing. It’s true that to some, the rigidity of the system is constraining – if you like your fantasy-strategy with casts of thousands and armies around every hillock, Disciples 2 probably isn’t your cup of tea. But for those who are seeking something in between an RPG and a strategy game (or both), I think that most gamers will find it entertaining. Disciples 2 is a stylistic, compelling, and memorable experience.
GameZone (Feb 21, 2002)
This game has excellent graphics, and if you haven’t played a game like this before, this program would be a terrific introduction to the genre. Strategy First has taken a solid foundation, built by the original program, and built upon it very nicely.
Armchair Empire, The (Feb 28, 2002)
After playing the Beta of Disciples II: Dark Prophecy (DP) to death, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the final version. Now, after playing many hours of DP, I can say that the final version exceeded my expectations – and only misses a 9+ rating because it is such a time trap. If I gave it a 9+ score, even non turn-based strategy gamers might go out and buy it. Suddenly they’re staying up late playing it, coming into work later – or worse, calling in sick – and eventually severing all outside ties with the world. It could spell the collapse of the international economy!
GameSpy (Jan 30, 2002)
Disciples II: Dark Prophecy is a much better game than the original, and certainly has that "I must play one more turn" feeling to it. Don't miss the boat this time around -- this is a game that deserves to be played.
Game Over Online (May 09, 2002)
And so in conclusion, no man may be made to testify against his wife. The end. No, what I meant to say was that I found the whole D2:DP experience different and refreshing, especially in light of the RTS and FPS that I’ve been reviewing steadily for like the past six months, and the system requirements are quite modest to boot. That’s not to say that it does anything dramatically different from any other TBS game out there. As I wrote at the beginning, my level of experience with TBS games is far too low to award accolades for breaking new ground; I’m unfamiliar with the old ground. But, hot damn, I liked it.
GamingExcellence (Mar 12, 2002)
Although the gameplay is nearly identical to the first, the visuals are the largest enhancement. For anyone who enjoyed the first rendition, Disciples II: Dark Prophecy is a must have, as the updated visuals and general improvements make this a well-rounded and addictive strategy title.
IGN (Jan 28, 2002)
If you've been waiting for a new turn-based strategy game to play, then this is definitely worth your time. If you've played Disciples and were looking for more, this also is worth your time. However, if the style changes and upgrades aren't enough to get you to come back to a game that is pretty much the same as its predecessor, you may want to hold off for Heroes of Might & Magic IV or Age of Wonder 2. But for my tastes, this was one of the more addictive and entertaining strategy titles I've played in quite a while.
GameStar (Germany) (Feb, 2002)
Wer Fantasy im Stil von Herr der Ringe mag, muss das Spiel lieben – die starke Story wurde gut in den Spielablauf integriert und sieht von jeder der vier Parteien aus betrachtet ganz anders aus. Viele Skriptereignisse sorgen für Abwechslung. Das Verhältnis der Züge auf der Landkarte zu den Kämpfen ist genau richtig. Vor allem das dynamische Einflussgebiet und die strategische Bedeutung der Ressourcen haben es mir angetan. Einzig die eigentlichen Gefechte könnten komplexer sein. Genial kommt jedoch das Upgraden einzelner Einheiten durch Kampferfahrung. Muss ich mehr erzählen? Ein Hit für echte Strategen!
GameSpot (Jan 25, 2002)
Fantasy settings are a dime a dozen in gaming--things such as fire-breathing dragons and wizards with flowing beards and pointy hats have long since become clichés. After all, despite how many games take place in fantasy realms, very few of them--for various reasons--manage to use these settings effectively. Yet the success of the recent film The Lord of the Rings is a reminder that fantasy, when done right, can be cool. Disciples II: Dark Prophecy is further proof of this--it's one of those very rare computer games that draws on all the usual fantasy conventions but presents them in truly inspired, artistic form.
I don't want to come down too hard on Disciples II as there are some nice touches that have been added and the story is well done. But art and animation aside, the same flaws of the first game are underneath and I find it hard to believe that in testing, no one shared my frustrations. Maybe I'm too much of a Heroes of Might & Magic fan to get the subtleties of Disciples II. Still, I will continue to play it, as I am a turn-based gaming junkie and there is enough diversity in the unit types to make each campaign refreshing. Yet maybe this time, I'll play exclusively on the Easy level.
Disciples II doesn’t raise the bar for turn-based strategy games by introducing new concepts, breaking AI logic barriers, and offering a unique design. It contains concepts introduced in many previous titles, and indeed, most avid gamers will be able to open the box and jump into the fray without reading the rules. But it grabs hold of the intangible elements of interactive entertainment — atmosphere, compelling gameplay, and emotion — and runs with them. The fantasy setting, with flamboyant and exaggerated warriors, devils with festering hides, and dwarves with over-sized axes and hammers, has a fantastic look and feel all its own. You aren’t in the neat-and-clean world of sparkling elves and prancing unicorns anymore; rather, Disciples II‘s dark and foreboding nature gives the game its own distinctive air. By creating a world of great texture, the designers prevent Disciples II from being relegated to copycat status, and instead make it a worthy addition to any player’s collection.
It was easy to dismiss the first game as a Heroes of Might and Magic knockoff with a garish blend of art styles, but its unique charms grew on you when given a chance. The sequel is nearly identical in gameplay, with a few new units thrown in, but the presentation is now up to par with the well-balanced mechanics, and the result is a beautiful title that can easily stand its ground against the popular and long-running Heroes franchise.
GameGenie (Feb 25, 2002)
Disciples II is a great fantasy turn-based strategy game. The game has good longevity through its numerous and long missions, scenario editors, and multiplayer capabilities. The sound is capable, and the graphics are outstanding. Finally, the gameplay is a fine creation of turn-based gaming with easy resource management and strategic but not overly complicated combat. If you like this kind of game, then you should like Disciples II. The Legion of the Damned is waiting.
ESC Magazine (Apr 19, 2002)
With its few faults, which are more like hindrances that most games impose, Disciples II is still a good bit of fun. If for nothing else the graphics were worth the price of admission. The game provides a nice diversion from the hectic real-time strategy games that constantly flood the market, while providing a sense of role-playing level progression through your champion and the level of spells you can access.
All in all, Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy is a fantastic follow up to the original game. The artwork of Disciples 2 is stunning and the missions are challenging and entertaining. If you enjoyed the first Disciples or you are just looking for a great turn-based game, I suggest adding Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy to your library.
Stratos Group (Apr 07, 2002)
If you don't mind the shortcomings then pick this up today. If not, however, then wait until it comes down in price (which I think it will relatively soon) and pick it up then if you like Turn-Based Strategy. It is a good game, and it is fun to play, but there are quite a few hassles.
74 (Aug 02, 2002)
Einsteiger sollten besser die Finger von Disciples II lassen, wer ins Genre schnuppern will, ist mit Heroes of Might an Magic 4 oder Age of Wonders 2 besser bedient. Genrefans können sich dagegen so richtig austoben und an abwechslungsreichen Missionen und viel, viel Tiefgang erfreuen.
Game Watcher (Nov 11, 2003)
I would consider this expansion more like a game patch, with some new material added, rather than a major new product. The fact that most of the game play glitches have been corrected is of course a major plus, and the two new campaigns are nice, but for anyone who played the original, the amount of new features may be disappointing. However, for someone new to this game system, this will provide hours of fascinating game play, and I would say, if your a TBS Fantasy fan, by all mean, go buy Disciples 2, Servants of the Dark or the twin Guardians of the light, they are worth the money.
PC Zone Benelux (Mar, 2002)
Disciples was een sterke titel binnen zijn genre. Het is daarom niet zo gek dat dit tweede deel net zo speelbaar is, net iets beter presenteert en wat meer extra's biedt. het is echter duidelijk dat dit spel geen vervolg (score 2) genoemd mag worden maar zich beter onder de categorie addon's kan scharen (score 4). Heb je behoefte aan iets vernieuwends in het strategie/roleplaying genre dan kun je beter wachten op Heroes of Might & Magic IV.
70 (May 07, 2002)
Un second opus qui innove peu même s'il offre largement de quoi séduire les passionnés de la stratégie au tour par tour. On note quelques améliorations au niveau des graphismes et une interface dépoussiérée pour rompre avec l'aspect vieillot de la précédente.
70 (Oct 16, 2002)
WARNING: This game may make large chunks of your valuable time dissapear! Well, it did for me at least - once you pick it up, it's hard to put down - you may find yourself "just one more turn"-ing yourself on for hours.
PC Games (Germany) (Feb, 2002)
Wer Disciples 2 als Klon von Heroes of Might & Magie abtut, tut Unrecht - Heroes, versteht sich. Von der Optik vielleicht abgesehen, ist das Original einfach in jeder Beziehung besser, sei es beim Kampfsystem, in Sachen Langzeitmotivation, beim Heldenpäppeln oder Schätzesammeln. Nicht falsch verstehen: Disciples 2 versprüht genug Charme, um Fantasy-Strategen ein paar Wochen bei der Stange zu halten, schon alleine weil sich die vier Kampagnen und Völker stark voneinander unterscheiden und weil die vielen Einheiten und Spezialfähigkeiten mehr als nur eine Hand voll taktischer Winkelrüge erlauben. Entscheiden Sie selbst: Halten Sie die zwei Monate bis zum Erscheinen des vierten Teils der Heroes-Saga noch durch? Falls ja, sparen Sie sich Ihr Geld. Falls nicht ist Disciples 2 Ihr Pausenfüller.
55 (Dec 14, 2004)
Même si Disciples 2 (D2) ressemble beaucoup à Heroes of Might and Magic, avec les héros et le tour par tour, mais le style de jeu de l'un et de l'autre sont très différents. La carte du monde est quasiment identique sur les deux jeux.