Disciples II: Dark Prophecy Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Character sheet: Consists of info on your army, character skills and items.
Race Selection: Legions of the Damned. The demons focus on greater direct damage in combat as well as spells. Their ways are through deceit and illusion to confuse enemies.
Race Selection: The Empire - The Human empire focuses on defensive tactics and magic as well as healing capabilities.
Race Selection: The Undead Horde. The Undead Horde specialize in paralyzing opponents and shroud them with death magic.
Capital City of the Legion of the Damned
Leader (hero) recruitment for the Legion of the Damned
Race Selection - The Mountain Clans (Dwarves)
Undead Horde - The Capital City
At the beginning of the first turn, opponents will introduce themselves.
Dragons are very efficient in hunting for food (in this case my troops), since they roast their prey before they catch it!
In campaign mode, each time you finish a level, you may bring one hero and 5 items to the next level. This calls for some planning on each level.
If you choose a Thief hero in the beginning, your thief will have a lot more actions to choose from compared to the Fighter or the Mage leaders.
Lookout, I've got the BIGGEST demon around! Meet Asteroth and his savage double attack!
Each race has their own unique spell list. Spells in this game however need to be researched first before using. You can also acquire spells by buying from merchants or offers from other players.
The diplomacy screen offers various information on your diplomatic status with other players as well as diplomatic actions such as offering or breaking an alliance, trading gold, spells or items.
Thankfully in campaign game, the computer opponents are much more pro-active in diplomacy compared to other strategy games.
Training camps may cost a heavy purse of gold, but you can pump up your trainees into elite troops in no time!
The game options offer a very wide array alternatives to fit your style of play.