Discworld Noir Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen. The bright ball over the "New Game" button is your cursor in most screens in the game.
Lewton's Office. This is where you start the game
You meet somebody from your past... Of course, that somebody has to be attractive and female
Talking with the first mate of the Milka about passengers (subtitles on). People in Ankh-Morpork have a rather cavalier attitude towards other people's lives
Now that's what I call entertainment!
Cafe Ankh: inside
Inside the Villa von Uberwald
A conversation with the old Count at night
Lewton's notebook. The entries can be used as conversation topics. As the story progresses new entries will be added and old ones removed
Inside the Temple Of Small Gods
The priest of the Temple
An object or a person of importance is highlighted in this way.
Outside Saturnalia Casino
Your buddy, the troll Malachit. Intellectual conversations are NOT his forte...
Lewton wants to know why the troll female singer Saphir has so much money...
Lewton investigates the crime scene... What does this word mean?
As in many other post-LucasArts adventures, interactable objects are few and far between
The game does provide different comments when you try to do silly things - in this case, picking up the sky
The map of Ankh Morpork with accessible locations
When you examine objects Lewton will often volunteer a sarcastically dry comment
Pseudopolis Yard. With the gamma correction cranked up, the pre-rendered images start having somewhat weird colors. It's too dark otherwise, though
This sculptor look... interesting
At some point you'll be thrown into prison. You'll slightly break the fourth wall, too
You'll meet parodies of famous historical figures...
...as well as famous videogame characters
It gets personal. This side of the game is basically a Casablanca parody
This menu appears when you interrogate characters
This is your inventory
Sometimes the view zooms out. Trying to use a clue on an object. You'll be doing this a lot. A LOT, really
Character options. The mysterious third one is gained only in the middle of the game...
Graphic errors? No, sir. You'll gain certain... abilities at some point
Yup, it's... another way to see the world. Very helpful in some cases
Fascinating lecture, indeed
An example of using an inventory item on an object
Opening movie takes place in the dark streets of Discworld
P.I. has a lot of things to be proud of
Kissing a client is a big no-no in a rule book for P.I.
Meeting your new best friend
Lewton, lost in his thoughts
A night talk with Ilsa in your office