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OPNoobs (OPN) (Feb 09, 2017)
Disagea 2 is a fantastic release that plays quite smoothly and has a tremendous amount of depth and playability to offer. Granted, the combat mechanic can seem repetitive, but there is a staggering number of classes to recruit, along with new abilities to unlock and level up, and new maps and aspects to explore. As a Prinny might say: download the demo and check it out, dood!
Gry OnLine (Jan 26, 2017)
Cieszy mnie, że NIS postanowiło podzielić się z graczami pecetowymi serią Disgaea, bo zarówno pierwsza, jak i druga jej część są naprawdę dobre. Po Disgaeę 2 mogą śmiało sięgać osoby, które lubią gry taktyczne, a nie boją się japońskich naleciałości. Przygoda Adella i Rozalin ma sporo uroku, mnóstwo humoru i całą porcję świadomej żenady. Jeśli to kogoś nie interesuje, może zagłębić się w rozbudowany i świetnie pomyślany system rozwoju postaci oraz walki. Dodatkowy walor stanowią niewielkie wymagania i obsługa zapisów w chmurze – ja sam grywam na stacjonarnym komputerze i laptopie. Disgaea 2 PC to udana pozycja – w mojej opinii gra nie zestarzała się ani trochę i wciąż potrafi zaskakiwać swobodą, z jaką przeistacza idiotyczne na papierze pomysły w świetne mechanizmy rozgrywki.
Link-Cable (Jan 26, 2016)
“Overall, Disgaea 2 PC is a great game and I am looking forward into venturing through the rest of the series after wrapping up this entry”.
Hey Poor Player (Jan 26, 2017)
It may be 2017, but Disgaea 2 PC continues the tradition of showing us that PS2 games can be just as fun now as they’ve ever been. I enjoyed adventuring with Adell back in the day, and I’ve got to say that my adventure was just as fun this time around – maybe even more so considering the extra goodies and enhancements thrown in. While this one is a definite must for Disgaea franchise fans, I’d go out on a limb to recommend this to an even wider audience. Whether it’s for its solid gameplay, quirky writing, or impressive amount of content, this is a port that you probably won’t want to miss out on.
Worth Playing (Mar 16, 2017)
After all these years, Disgaea 2 is still an excellent strategy RPG. The mechanics are very tight despite advances having been made in subsequent sequels and spin-offs, and it doesn't get old over the long period of time you'll want to spend with the game. The story remains engaging, and the characters and humor have withstood the test of time. Best of all, the PC version doesn't have a majority of the issues that plagued the console original. If you've never had the pleasure of playing this before and you don't own any PlayStation systems, Disgaea 2 is certainly worth checking out on the PC.
Destructoid (Feb 13, 2017)
The voice acting may be terrible, but Disgaea 2 makes up for that with incredibly solid game mechanics. Some of the mechanic interactions may be a bit obtuse, but there is something to be said for the amount of depth present here. I mean, how many games let you throw a tower of people across a map to cause a giant chain-explosion that wipes out literally everyone? And what other title allows you to bribe senators to sway them into letting you summon a "Busty Beauty?" Exactly.
RPG Site (Feb 04, 2017)
The Disgaea series offers a slightly different flavor of strategy RPGs that you can't find anywhere else. The sheer flexibility available is staggering, and anybody interested in this genre should give these Disgaea ports a try, as long as you don't mind the cookie-cutter story and characters.