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Disney's Activity Centre: Tarzan Credits

106 people (99 developers, 7 thanks)


ProducerSeth Shapiro
Associate ProducerLorri Broda
Production SupervisorRachel Bryant
Lead ArtistChristopher Tellez
Lead Title EngineerPaul Lahaise
Title EngineersWarren Davis, Christopher J. Watson
Senior ProducerLaura Kampo
Director, Applications EngineeringGraham Deane
Engine ProgrammersRobert Aitken, Christopher Blackwell (credited as Chris Blackwell), Mike Ellis, John C. Howard (credited as John Howard), Nick Porcino, Matthew Powell, Chris Savery, James Turner
ArtistsKathleen Bruno, Yukako Inoue, Shelley Slack
Technical ArtistsMarcus Coleman, Brian Paris, Ivan Song
Senior Sound DesignerMelanie Mullens
Audio Visual Production SupervisorBrian Truitt
International Production SupervisorSylvie Abrams
MusicPhil Collins (Songs by)
Senior TesterTerri Homberg
International Senior TesterKen B. Korman
Lead TesterSteve Paulson
TestersAmy Blair, Susan Carne, Dennis Choy, Carlos Moreno, Sookias Sookiasian
Manager. MarketingGary Pfeiffer
Special Products Supervisor, Feature Animation Todd Nielsen
With The Voice Talents ofVal Betton, Jim Cummings, Naia Kelly, Chris Sanders, Laurie A. Schillinger, Angela Thomas, Michael Welch
Safari Fact Photos: Animals Animals/Earth ScenesBruce Coleman Inc., Photo Network Inc., T.H.F. Publications Inc.

original Songs From The Tarzan Motion Picture

"Son Of Man"Phil Collins (Produced and arranged by), Phil Collins (Produced and arranged by)
"Strangers Like Me"Phil Collins (Produced by), Phil Collins (Produced by), Mark Mancina (Arranged by), Phil Collins (Produced by)
"Two Worlds"Phil Collins (Produced and arranged by), Mark Mancina (Produced and arranged by), Phil Collins (Produced and arranged by)
Phil Collins appears courtesy ofAtlantic Records
Original Music For CD-Rom Arranged and Recorded by Ben Herrington
Additional Music for CD-Rom byJeffrey R. Gund (credited as Jeff Gund)

Animation: Creative Capers Entertainment

ProducerG. Sue Shakespeare (credited as Sue Shakespeare)
DirectorsDavid Molina, Terry Shakespeare
Directing AnimatorsMichael Kiely, Carolyn J. Sarachene
Line Producers Patrice Monis, Darci Ernst
DesignerMatthew Bates
AnimatorsRodney Bills, Connor Flynn, Ronald Friedman (credited as Ron Friedman), Ernie Gilbert, Silvia Pompei, Martin Scully, Greg Tiernan, Deke Wightman
Lead Key Assistant AnimatorsSandra Ryan, Mick Cassidy
Key Assistant AnimatorsSarkis Postajian, Nicole Stinn, Janice Tolentino
Assistant AnimatorsJohn Behrns, Harley Carnine, Richard Draper (credited as Rich Draper), Vaughn Johnson, Linda Mangan, Carlos Mendez, Erik Wiese, Monica Zorman
Background Layout ArtistBonnie Leick
Colour Background Painting Ron Dias
Colour ModelCandice Goldfarb Colbert
Animation Checking Department SupervisorCarla Washburn
CheckersClaudia Dickerson, Julia Orr, Muriel Vernon
Test/CameraKristine Bochum (credited as Kris Bochum)
Digital Ink & Paint Department HeadsPaul Grant, Steven Friedman, David Reyes, Eric A. Stover (credited as Eric Stover)
Digital Layout CompositesRaymond Molina
Production Coordinators Clean Up/Digital Ink & PaintDenise Ryan
CameraBobbi Swartzendruber
Dialogue CoordinatorMichael Paxton
Production AssistantsCynthia Kamau, Jennifer Malone (credited as Jenny Malone), Melissa Malone
Special ThanksBonnie Arnold, Chris Buck, Hendel Butoy, Dan Cooper, Cliff Kamida, Kevin Lima, Daniel St. Pierre

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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (182521)

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