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Disney's Cinderella's Dollhouse Credits

104 people (101 developers, 3 thanks)

Disney Interactive

Senior ProducerRachel DiPaola
Assistant ProducerA. Dudley Johnson Jr
Lead ArtistShanna Ophus
Technical ManagerPaul Lahaise
International Production SupervisorMaureen Burke-Siblot
Product Manager MarketingJackie Moss
Customer Support LiaisonJoseph Limbaugh
Manager Quality AssuranceDavid Arnspiger
Supervisor Quality AssuranceJim Mowery
Project LeadAndrea Ortiz
QA Test Team, Senior TesterMichael Verceles
QA Test TeamJustin Lee Mills, Saaren Ghazi, Mike Ponce, Manuel Aguilar
QA Technology Team, SupervisorScott Torroll
QA Technology Team, Project Lead, WindowsDavid Yeung
QA Technology TeamMario Donis, Emil Haghnazarian, Brian Haynie, Caesar Infante, Jaime Serrano
QA Operations and Support Team, SupervisorPete Hernandez
QA Operations and Support TeamSusan Carne, Max Nelson
With the Voice Talents ofSusanne Blakeslee, Corey Burton, Jennifer Hale, Jess Harnell, Tress MacNeille, Russell Taylor
Original Songs From the Walt Disney's Cinderella Motion PictureSo This is Love © 1948 Walt Disney Music Company, Bibbibi-Bobbidi-Boo © 1948 Walt Disney Music Company
Words and Music byMack David, Jay Livingston, Al Hoffman
Disney Songs Arranged for CD-ROM byMarshall Crutcher
Additional Music for CD-ROM Composed byMarshall Crutcher
Special Thanks toTimothy Decker, Paul E. Nunn, Barry Schwartz

My Virtual Model

Project ManagerMonica Perazzo
Executive ProducerLise Sicart
Design and Technical WritingJoëlle Chagnon, Marie-Anne Legault
Lead ArtistOlivier Dommange
Digital PaintingMylene Henry
Graphic ArtistsAnnie Cossette, Jason Godbout, Simon Nadeau
Production ManagerNathalie Jasmin
IntegratorsJean-Francois Rousseau, Mario Lefébvre, Jean-Francois Adam, Eric Desrochers
Sound Design and MixNicolas Gareau
Technical DirectorLuis Fernandez
Lead ProgrammerBelkacem Radi
ProgrammersNaïm Hinmane, Sebastien Blanchette, Pierre Thibault, Nader Kasserwan
Production CoordinatorsJulie Boisvert, Melissa Ducharme
TestingMarc Gauthier, Marie-Claude Carrier, Anthony MacLean

Bardel Animation Studio

AnimationPhil Anderson, Jake Biberdorf, James Clow, Dennis Crawford, Michael Linton, Mario Macarayan, Dave Mah, Mike Oliver, Dallas Parker, Jason Thacker, Andy Tougas
Assistant AnimationArlyn Bantog, Jen Brisson, Nathalie Dignard, Dawson Ha, Vlad Haintz, Tai Keattivanichvily, Young Sik Kong, Catherine McNeil, Neal Ryan, Gilbert Serrano, Paula Swanson, Ellery Vandooyeweert, Miles Vassos, Ping Zhang
Digital Ink and Paint SupervisorGary Lambeth
Digital Ink and PaintPeter MacAdams, Noah Choy, Anne Duranceau, David Gill, Lorne Jee, Alex Koch, Mike Luney, Paul McLennan, Gregory Zbitnew, Steve Woodley
Production AssistantsDamien Labonte, Dale Yeryk

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Credits for this game were contributed by DJP Mom (11377)