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Disney's Cinderella's Dollhouse Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The sign-in/savegame screen
The main page, with options disguised as topiary
From the main page the player can navigate to decorating areas
The undecorated Mouse House - furnishings can be dragged into the room from the bottom of the screen
The parlor - some rooms have different furnishings to choose from; this room features pianos
Disney characters can be arranged in the room from the bottom bar
The (rather dismal) chateau kitchen
Giving something to a character causes an animation - here Cinderella does a pre-prince chore
The Ballroom
The Palace Garden
More specialized furnishings - a rosebush and a swing
Cinderella's Bedroom
Clicking on the wall changes the colors, drapes, and fireplace
Various items are scattered about the mouse hole, which you can pick up and give to a character for them to hold and interact with.
The parlor, after receiving a makeover.
One mouse writes a letter with his tail
The ladle becomes a mouse-sized bathtub/pool, complete with slide!
The ballroom takes on a more romantic appearance.
This place looks rife with festivity! A player can change the music by clicking on the music stand.
One way to decorate the bedroom
You can change the time of day, topiary style, and type of fruit the tree to the left bears.