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Disney's Hades Challenge Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Phil shows you around Hercules' hero trophy room
Hero registration for the new recruit
Phil gives you your quest briefing in your presently empty hero trophy room
Phil explains your hero belt
Game options screen
On the deck of the living Argo boat, complete with a pop-up map
Arriving on the island of Crete
The Minotaur is terrorizing Crete
Meeting King Minos who wants a statue before he'll let you speak to Daedalus
A statue peddler
Bringing up the quest briefing attached to your hero belt
An ancillary animation -- this guy jams with 3 instruments at once
Pain and Panic were supposed to thwart you and failed, which nets the usual punishment from the chief
Once you get to visit Daedalus, he informs you that he needs various bits of material from around Greece to complete the maze
Solve this puzzle to get some of the material for the maze
The island of Medusa
War-ravaged Troy
The area known as Seriphos
In this puzzle, you must rotate the various types of walls in order to trap the Minotaur
After finishing a quest, you receive a trophy
Hades gives an impromptu quiz regarding Olympian gods
Your first trophy