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Disney's The Lion King II: Simba's Pride - Active Play Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

After an animated introduction the game's load sequence stops here. Each player leaves a mark on the tree, a new mark starts a new game while an existing mark loads an old one
This is Rifiki's tree house. The five coloured pictures each link to a mini gameIn the middle right is 'Pride Rock', a game that can only be entered when all mini games have been completed
Rifiki's paints are a hot spot that link to this mini game.Here the player can create their own picture which can be printed
All games have Rifiki's staff in the top right. It is used to move between mini games or return to his tree house
The Giraffe game where the player feeds fruit to the animals to make music. This can be recorded along with the player's voice-over.
The elephant game where the player must deduce the pattern and select the correct elephant to complete the troop
While the elephant game may not seem difficult it does have many, many steps that the player must complete as the part completed line at the bottom shows
The monkey game is a 'Simon Says' game where the player must recreate a dance sequence
The hippo game, here the player must move the purple hippos so the pink hippo has a clear path to the shore
The lion game. Here the player must search the screen to find missing cubs