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Game Over Online (Nov 25, 2002)
The most wonderful thing Treasure Planet did was infuse life into its universe with the Stevenson novel. Terms like the Admiralty, Parliament, Imperial citizens, Home Territories and the Empire are the terms of Victorian jingoism, par excellence. The story, perhaps numbering only a few pages of text, is written and narrated so well that it draws you into the Royal Navy and never lets go afterwards. It actually made me look forward to watching the movie, which, alas, I learnt was more about Hawkins living the life of a rogue than the Royal Navy itself.
IGN (Nov 12, 2002)
Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon is often entertaining. Despite the slowness of many aspects of the game, battle is among the best I've found in an action game of late. Exploring space in an old galleon style ship is pretty unique as well. It's a pretty game and well worth its price tag if this is your style of entertainment.
GameZone (Dec 03, 2002)
Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon is a good game that features nice gameplay and great graphics, although the pacing problems could turn away some gamers looking for instant action. Any fan of either the movie or the RTS genre with lots of patience should definitely give Battle at Procyon a look.
All told, Treasure Planet offers exhilarating combat in a fantastic setting, with skirmish and multiplayer action that will have you sneaking the CD out of your kids' computer.
Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon is an innovative deviation both from standard Disney software and typical real-time strategy releases. While not perfect, with limitations in the speed of its action, the fluidity of its animation and the length of its gameplay, the basic design of this offering is solid from beginning to end, and the story, graphics and audio are all nicely done. Robert Louis Stevenson wouldn’t be ashamed at how his novel has been extended in this game – or in the movie on which it is based, for that matter. Simplifying the sometimes daunting dynamics of strategy titles, Battle at Procyon crafts an enjoyable gameplay experience that comes across like a breath of fresh air. Taking into account its mixing of sea and space in an intriguing fashion, I recommend this release to a wide range of adventurous gamers.
GameStar (Germany) (Jan, 2003)
Vergessen Sie den lustigen Mausohren-Sticker auf der Packung, der Ihnen vorgaukelt, Der Schatzplanet wäre was für Sechsjährige. Sonst könnte Ihnen ein intelligent designtes und bis zum Ende spannendes Strategiespiel der abwechslungsreichen Art entgehen! Die Entwickler haben die herausfordernden Gefechte klasse hingekriegt. Löblich: Die dauern auch nicht gleich eine halbe Stunde pro Kampf, wie bei Starfleet Command. Das Szenario ist vielleicht gewöhnungsbedürftig – Steuerung und Missionsdesign sind es nicht. Die Grafik wirkt zwar auf den ersten Blick etwas simpel, ist dafür aber farbenfroh und schön atmosphärisch. Ich hatte eine Menge Spaß mit Jim Hawkins & Co. Auch wenn Sie den Film nicht kennen, können Sie die Leinen lösen und auf große Fahrt durchs All gehen.
Game Watcher (Aug 12, 2003)
To conclude, whereas the pace of the game could easily deter the instant action gamers, the graphics, sound & overall feel of the game more than make up for this. I think it will be a great hit with the sub 18 year old market, with a lot of older sales just due to the pedigree. As a first strategy style game for Disney, things can only get better - I would love to see a full 3D-style game using these ships.
75 (Nov 26, 2002)
Développé par les responsables du grand Homeworld Cataclysm, cette version PC de la Planète au Trésor n'a rien à voir avec les différents softs sortis sur consoles. Le jeu se présente comme une simulation de vaisseaux axée sur la gestion et les combats de navires. L'aventure est aussi prenante qu'elle est intéressante, et son approche détaillée la rend parfaitement accessible aux plus jeunes.
GameSpot (Dec 10, 2002)
For those who enjoyed the movie, Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon lets you continue adventuring in the unique setting of the Treasure Planet motion picture with Jim Hawkins in a mostly entertaining fashion. Even serious strategy fans will find it to be a nice diversion. Treasure Planet may not be the next Homeworld, but it's short and sweet--just not very deep.
PC Games (Germany) (Jan, 2003)
Ein Strategie-Spiel für Kinder mit Disney-Story und Homeworld-Engine? Zugegebenermaßen ein sehr seltsamen Szenario, aber schon nach wenigen Spielminuten hatte Der Schatzplanet den Spielspaß-Enterhaken ausgeworfen und fesselte mich an den Bildschirm. Das liegt vor allem an den einfachen, aber spaßigen „See“-Schlachten: Gegnerische Pötte ausmanövrieren, eine Breitseite abfeuern und entern, wenn der Kahn erst mal in Flammen steht - da wird jedem Piraten-Fan warm ums Herz. Leider ist die Spielzeit ausgesprochen kurz; auch die laue Präsentation der Story mit Comicbildern ist unbefriedigend. Da hätte ich gerade von Disney einfach mehr erwartet - etwa Filmsequenzen aus dem Kinostreifen, Da auch die Wegfindung der eigenen Einheiten nicht immer ideal ist, bleibt Der Schatzplanet ein Geheimtipp für tolerante Taktiker.
GameSpy (Nov 17, 2002)
Although Treasure Planet is a game based on an upcoming movie, it's not a last-minute, thrown-together project, as tie-ins like this often tend to be. But if you're looking for a challenging, grown-up RTS, then Treasure Planet probably isn't for you. There's no tech tree, it's really short and pretty easy. It does fill an interesting niche, however -- a kid-friendly "RTS-lite". If you've been waiting for a "family" RTS that you can share with your kids, this might be it.
Game Revolution (Jan 01, 2003)
Yar, Treasure Planet be a good RTS for beginners. As ye control yer empty boats with invisible crews, the constant narrative keep the game moving along right heartily. This be a game for the little Treasure Planet fanatic, but the veteran captains might be findin' it too small a vessel to chase.