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Divi-Dead Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen (window)
Ranmaru's room
View from the balcony
Aki, the nurse
Ranmaru's hallucinations
Mayumi, the secretary/librarian
One of the many erotic hentai scenes
InGame Options
Your uncle who raised you, and gave you a spy-task, but that doesn't disqualify him from a list of badguys.
These twin sisters are only identical by the look, not by the soul.
A disease of an unknown origin swallowed the entire school ground, and you'll have to seek for some clues... or a cure.
'Extras' option on the menu enables you to check some of the ingame slides (as you uncover them in the game) and music.
Some parts of your memory does go simply too fast. That's where the 'extras' screen comes in handy, to see what you missed when you accidentally eyeblinked.
This game is much more concentrated on the thriller story than on typical hentai style (though it encompasses both).
Many situations will resemble those in other hentai games, but will not end up with some sex scene, but rather extend the atmosphere or the story to some point proving this one tends more towards just being a suspenseful adventure.
Wondering too deep into the forrest will bring you to the private property... and some intriguing new characters.
Ms. Aki, the school's nurse. Don't you just wish to have a health problems? ;)
Azusa seems to be suffering from the unknown disease that you're investigating more about.
Just saved her from a couple of thugs. But there is something strange about her.
Mind-controlled... or does she really hate you that much?
In time, you can uncover some secret screenshots and check them out under Extras (this one is Aki, the school nurse, only as 3D model).
Oops, Miki and Sachiko seems to be fighting, good thing they didn't spot you entering
Azusa and Haruka, a good girl and bad girl, but which one in which?
Being a horror-hentai game, you can get used to expect the unexpected