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Divine Divinity Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Intro: Your hero just killed an evil creature
Character selection
Your beginning stats
Cemetery. Let's explore this place with my new good-looking female character!..
Chinese-looking shopkeeper proposes to buy a key
You've wandered off to a campsite of orcs led by some crazy tribal dude. You are overpowered and can't take the gold. Mini-map is displayed
The game keeps track of everything you do
Your attributes are described in a humorous fashion
The automap shows places you have explore
Ahh, this was a great night for some cow-slaughtering. Now I can have the steak I always wanted
In the Cursed Abbey you are quickly decimated by powerful undead
An example of the game's detailed interaction: every object can be manipulated. You can also find various books everywhere
The game has many such small events, each demanding you to make choices
Trading items in a busy market
This side quest involves a thirsty vampire. You can choose to risk your life to save that boy
You visit a large city and listen to a child's naive tale
Corruption and intrigue prevail among noblemen. As you can see, you managed to irritate this unpleasant guy
Get all the information you can from this dignified fellow
A lively pub
Talking with a merchant
You've found a map of Rivellon
The lair of a long-dead dragon
You're surrounded by scads of skeletons!
Fighting sand demons
Okay, so I understand that bugs and spiders would attack me. But you, canis lupus? I thought you were my friend!..
An interesting Easter Egg - and a rather serious and tragic one, too...
Zixzax certainly tells you interesting things. His manner of speaking, however, is a bit unusual
Oh yeah? And you fight like a cow! That's all I can think of as a reply to your ridiculous speech, ok?
Clad in a new shiny armor, enveloped by a fancy shield, I proudly show my cool equipment to the local cow
High-resolution prison break! Looks like you don't need to be a Michael Scofield to pull this one off
I get all blue when I see worn mining pickaxes. I'm weird that way. My Mommy told me it was ok, I was a special child
I expected to find lots of things in this sinister abandoned Imp Castle - except a Holy Book!..
These cool colorful statues are waiting for that special moment when I have gathered all the races and assembled the Council
An abandoned orc encampment. Cauldrons, weapon racks, weird totems... And to think I almost went to the Bahamas
Ouch... as soon as I enter this tough dungeon, all sorts of orcs begin to attack me. They teleport out of glowing circles and do other nasty things
Look how I paralyzed this high-level orc chieftain with my cool new sword! He doesn't even have time to look at those cool bluish ornaments in his own house
Entrance to the city of the dwarves. I'm proudly presenting my new sword with full statistics and a ridiculous name
Dwarven throne room. Looks like the dwarves are concerned mostly with food!..
In order to impress that girl, I show her all my skills with detailed descriptions
From a Chekhov story: It was a cozy night, fire lit near the tents of the Archer Guild. I stood under the banner and started gulping potions. Drink, orthodox people! Drink! The soul is burning!..
"So, where is the protagonist?", they asked. But I just smiled silently. Because I knew that the hero has turned into that CAT!.. Meow!..
Hanging with an elven nobleman. Wazzup? You wanna... I dunno... jam a bebop tune or something?
If you liked that thing with the cat, how about this: you can use a special item and turn into a FROG, too..
I visited a magician and started doing sword dances in front of him. Indeed, I think I was bored
Yup, that's my style. That's what I do in them dungeons. Leave bodies behind. Lots o' them. Hehe
A late-game fierce battle against a magician. "Dig the crystals, dude", I said. He didn't reply - was too busy hacking me to pieces
Another day, another boss battle! This time I make this old hag green with envy. Hehehe!.. Groovy dragon statue, by the way
You know you are nearing the game's final stages when everything around you becomes purple and organic. Also, instead of regular zombies you fight INFERNAL ones!..
The game runs on higher resolutions, such as 1920x1080 just fine without everything looking too small... instead, more of the surrounding area is visible