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One of the in-game manuscripts depicts a dragon and a url encoded in some runic alphabet. Upon decoding, you get the address, which links to graphics designer Marian Arnold's personal website.


The 'Polymorph' spell is designed to transform an opponent into a harmless creature, such as a frog or a rabbit. After the transformation, you can easily kill the opponent. But try this: Polymorph a member of the Black Ring at your first encounter. For example, he/she is now a frog. Beat the frog and he/she will, as usual, escape. When Janus later summons his allies in a scripted scene, the polymorphed member will not appear in its normal form, but still as the frog, even when weeks have passed between those two encounters.


  • On Janus's castle's roof, there's a skateboard, a ramp and fitting graffiti on the walls. You will need to use Elven sight to see it, though.
  • On the second level under the Warrior's Guild in the Dark Forest, there's an open slate in the west wing. The cursor doesn't change, buy you can go down. In the small room below, you will find the Kaa Gent scroll. It's useless, but the name refers to AA Gent, a Belgian soccer team not far from the studios.
  • In the Treasure Cave, there's a tombstone which reads: "The heart of all at Larian Studios go out to those who died or were bereft in such tragic circumstances in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania, on September 11th, 2001.
  • Many early forum regulars found their nicknames included in the game.
  • In Imp World, behind a flower patch, there's a note which reads: "Bronthion was here".
  • The game contains a short sword called "Sting". It glows near orcs and dragons, an obvious reference to Lord of the Rings.
  • The game has a magic carpet. To make it fly, you have to read the tag. It reads "Axeminster", the name of a carpet manufacturer in the United Kingdom.
  • In the Farmlands, there a scroll with a poem tribute to Stephen King's IT: "Your hair is winter fire, Aventuris embers, My heart dwells there too. - Written by IT."
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