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Dogz Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's title screen
This is the first game screen. The first time through the player gets to choose their puppy. On subsequent visits they can choose another one or continue with their current pet.
These are the five breeds available for adoption. Each has its own characteristics and problems such as long hair and slobbering.
Once a breed has been selected its gender, hair colour and collar can be changed.
A dog has been adopted, say "Hello" to MOBYDOG. The certificate can be printed.
The start of the game. Mobydog is in the back yard.
Clicking on Mobydog is the equivalent of calling him. It automatically triggers a close up view in which the mouse pointer can be used to stroke and fondle him.
The camera icon in the top left of the screen is used to take snapshots of the pet. These can be saved in an album and optionally printed.
The game gives clear instructions, at least in the beginning. Teaching Mobydog to sit on command is the first trick to be taught.
This is the living room. Mobydog sleeps here and is not allowed on the furniture. The menu in the lower right shows current messages as well as Mobydog's health.
Mobydog looks a bit hungry and thirsty. A visit to the pet store for food is called for. This is done by clicking the trolley icon in the top right of the screen.
This is the bathroom. Mobydog likes being groomed, see how his coat shines! The brush is in the inventory which is accessed via the case icon in the top right.
Back in the yard. Mobydog's photo won $17. Winning shows and performing tricks are how the player generates cash to feed their pet and upgrade the house.
In the inventory is a book of basic tricks. teaching and performing these generates cash. More advanced books of tricks can be bought from the pet store.
Throwing the ball and teaching Mobydog to retrieve it. Throw the ball when he's sitting and he shuffles the entire length of the yard and back on his bottom, most amusing.
All dogs do it. Luckily all that's needed to clean up is a mouse click.
The rosette icon in the top left is how the player enters shows to generate cash. There are three levels of show and a minimum level of tricks must be learned before the pet can enter.