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Doll: Ouroboros 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Choose some extras from here (such as wallpapers).
The beginning
Is the earl dead? I mean, he is decapitated!
Guess decapitation wasn't enough to kill this guy.
Some in-game options
Noel falls onto the artificial maid Iris.
Here you can view the movies again.
The two knights forget about their duties when they see a sexy woman.
She is having sex with both knights at the same time...
...and proceeds to seduce an innocent girl.
Attack her or have sex with her? The choice is yours!
Click on those numbers to watch the movie clips in a desired order.
And to think that I almost had sex with a bat!
Kiren looks cute and innocent.
This is what happens when you make a wrong decision.
Plenty of gore in this game
Nice "switch disc" screen with Iris posing.
One of the rare interactive moments. Choose where to go!
Even tough, blue-haired, leather pants-wearing assassins can get thirsty!
The hero, the noble assassin Noel
This movie is viewed from Noel's perspective.
She might look cute, but she can surely handle that sword.
All those artificial knights are dead.
Meanwhile, in the earl's mansion...
The mysterious woman in black
Nights falls over the castle.
The vampire earl and his next victim
The earl is not shy about raping his victims, either.
Game protagonists need to relieve their stress.
Check out the realistic face expressions.
Nicely looking drops of sweat.
Can you say "no" to her? I don't think so.