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DOOM³ Credits (Windows)

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Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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DOOM³ Credits

Id Software is

ArtistAdrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud, Andy Chang, Seneca Menard, Patrick Thomas
Technical DirectorJohn Carmack
CEOTodd Hollenshead
Lead DesignerTim Willits
Sound DesignerChristian Antkow
ProgrammerTimothee Besset, Jim Dosé, Jan Paul van Waveren, Jonathan Wright
DesignerMal Blackwell, Matt Hooper, Jerry Keehan, Steve Rescoe
Media ArtistPatrick Duffy
Lead ProgrammerRobert A. Duffy
AnimatorJames Houska, Fred Nilsson, Eric Webb
Office Manager and id MomDonna Jackson
Lead ArtistKenneth Scott
Dir. Business DevelopmentMarty Stratton
Development AssistantEric Webb

Additional Credits

Sound DesignEd Lima
Theme for DOOM 3 Produced byChris Vrenna
Theme for DOOM 3 Composed byClint Walsh
Additional Sound Effects DesignDanetracks Inc.
Additional In‑Game SoundsChris Vrenna
Additional Story and DialogMatthew J. Costello
Voice Recording and ProductionWomb Music
Voice Casting/DirectionMargaret Tang
VO Engineer/Editing/Monster FXRik W. Schaffer
Additional Multiplayer DesignSplash Damage Ltd.
UAC Promotional VideosSix Foot Studios
Packaging DesignHamagami/Carroll Inc.
Manual Design & LayoutIgnited Minds LLC
Additional ProgrammingGraeme J. Devine
Additional ThanksWendy Zaas, D. Wade Cloud Jr., Patrick Hook, Mark Fry, Brian Harris, Kevin Dobler


Sarge, Additional VONeil Ross
BetrugerPhilip Lewis Clarke
Campbell, Additional VOAndy Chanley
SwannCharles Dennis
Computer Voice, Additional VOGrey DeLisle
Video Logs, Additional VOGrant Albrecht
Additional VoicesDee Bradley Baker, Michael Bell, Steven Jay Blum, S. Scott Bullock, Cam Clarke, Robin Atkin Downes, Keith James Ferguson, Jay Gordon, Michael Gough, Bill Harper, Nick Jameson, David Kaye, Phil LaMarr, Jim Meskimen, Matt Morton, Darren Norris, Rob Paulsen, Philip Proctor, André Sogliuzzo, James Kevin Ward, Wally Wingert, Edward Yin, Keone Young, Ryun Yu

Distributed by Activision (Production)

Senior ProducerJonathan Moses
Associate ProducerDouglas W. Avery, Eric Grossman, Jason Kim
Production CoordinatorMatthew Beal, Steven Holmes, Kekoa Lee-Creel
VP North American StudiosMark Lamia
PresidentKathy Vrabeck
Installer ProgrammerAnthony Lu
Localization Manager - PC GroupTamsin Lucas

Distributed by Activision (Marketing / PR)

Brand ManagerTabitha Hayes
Director of MarketingDavid Pokress
VP of MarketingDusty Welch
PR ManagerMichael Mantarro
Online EvangelistCaryn Law

Distributed by Activision (Quality Assurance)

QA Project LeadMatthew Nelson
QA Senior Project LeadMatthew McClure, Glenn Vistante
QA ManagerMarilena Morini
QA TeamJim Summers, Jason Wong, Indra Yee, Adam Hartsfield, Jason Levine, Tim Vanlaw, Jeff Grant, Jonas Anderson, Brian Spayth, Michael H. Cook, Soukha Phimpasouk, Kimberly Carrasco, Sean Berrett, Pedro Aguilar, Vincent Sinatra, Victor Durling, Evan Button, Levere Ross, Mike Salwet, Robert Lee, Jeffry Moxley, Scott Kiefer, Michael DeMarti, José Juan Ornelas, Michael D. Harris, Henry Peter Villanueva, Craig Bennett, Michael Walker, Donovan Eberling, David Garcia-Gomez, Neil Barizo, Chris Keim Sr., Jefrey Sedivy, Vincent Fennel, Seth Bellber, Michael Kocel, James Park, Ryan Ruff, Ryan Ford, Anthony Aguinaldo, Trevor Page

Activision Germany

Marketing ManagerStefan Luludes
PR‑ManagerBernd Reinartz
PR‑ExecutiveJulia Volkmann
Brand ManagerStefan Seidel
IT & Web ManagerThorsten Hübschmann
Translation ServicesEffective Media GmbH

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Credits for this game were contributed by Xoleras (66712)