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Dora the Explorer: Animal Adventures Credits

61 people (45 developers, 16 thanks)


Senior ProducerMatthew Sughrue, Elizabeth Stringer
Senior Game DesignerDan DeOreo
Executive ProducerStacy Allyn Hendrickson
Director of TechnologyPaul Hellier
Director of MarketingPetrina McPhee
Director of Creative ServicesSteve Martin
Director of Editorial & Documentation ServicesElizabeth Mackney
Art Director Kristine Meier
Graphic DesignerMelissa Caccavaro
DocumentationRandi Kravitz, Ross Edmond
CopywriterNorm Schrager
Director of Publishing SupportMichael H. Gilmartin
Director of Quality Assurance, North AmericaMichael Craighead
I.T. Manager/Western RegionKen Ford
Manager of Technical SupportMichael Vetsch
Senior Q.A. Testing ManagerKurt Boutin
Q.A. Testing ManagersRandy Lee, Bill Carroll
Lead TesterJennifer Kaczor
Assistant Lead TesterBrett Penkul
TesterMichael Murphy

Stunt Puppy Entertainment, Inc.

DesignerGano Haine
Art DirectorDenise Roberts McKee
Executive ProducerJenean Pearce Hoffman
Technical Director Nicky Robinson
Production ManagerThom Bowen
EngineerBrianna Klemm
Animation ProductionFilm factory, Michael Nickelson
Background ArtBig Nasty Redhead
Original Music and Sound DesignGreg Rahn
Soundtrack BreakdownCharles King
Engineering ServicesGregory Sabatini, Zacariah Litton, Pronto Games
Additional ThanksOur partners at Nickelodeon Interactive & Dora the Explorer, Stephen Youngwood, Aly Sylvester, Erika Ortiz, Stacey V. Lane, Erica David, Brian J. Bromberg, Russell Spina, Chris Guifford, Teri Weiss, Christine M. Ricci, Cathy Galeota, Rosslyn Byrd, Jack Daley, Rob Lemon, the entire Dora the Explorer production crew
Voiceover Director and Talent CastingDouglas Carrigan -- Voiceworks Productions, The Audio Department NYC
Voice TalentKathleen Herles, Harrison Chad, Omar Pastran, Mark Weiner, Sasha Toro

Educational Consultants

Educational ConsultantPatty Langdon McFadden

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ross Edmond (438)