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Downbeat Credits

25 people (20 developers, 5 thanks)

VH1 Games

Executive ProducerDaniel Hart
Supervising ProducerAustin Chang
QA / Testing LeadAnalisa Tamayo
Game Contributors and Special ThanksDan Goldstein, Paul Torres, John Foster
Music LicensingMelinda Lee, EMI Publishing


CodePeter Nicolai
Lead Game DesignNick Fortugno
Level DesignAlona Umansky
Information ArchitectureSeok Min Oh
ProcessCatherine Herdlick, Dustin Smither
Art DirectorJacqueline Yue
Visual DesignShim Beom Sik, Khoeun Tep, Phil Weber
AudioMichael Sweet (Audiobrain)
Quality AssuranceHeath Goldman, Scott Price
Special ThanksPeter Lee, Ben Hayes
Another Innovative Sound Experience Created byAudiobrain
This game was built usingMind Control Software's Orbital 2D Game Technologies

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (248907)