Dracula Twins Credits (Windows)

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Dracula Twins Credits

Legendo Entertainment Credits

Executive ProducerBjörn Larsson
ConceptBjörn Larsson
Game IdeaBjörn Larsson
ProducerBjörn Larsson
Character DesignJoe Sharp, Rob Sharp
Concept ArtJoe Sharp, Rob Sharp
TexturesJoe Sharp, Rob Sharp
Art DirectionJoe Sharp, Rob Sharp
MusicAlexander Röder
Sound EffectsAlexander Röder, Henrik Blomgren
Music & SFX SupervisorBjörn Larsson
Cover IllustrationJoe Sharp, Rob Sharp
Cover LayoutBjörn Larsson
LogoBjörn Larsson
Creative DesignBjörn Larsson
Font DesignRay Larabie
Additional Level DesignBjörn Larsson
Additional ProgrammingHenrik Blomgren, Peter Pettersson
Publishing DirectorBjörn Larsson
LicensingBjörn Larsson, Andreas Olsson, Henrik Blomgren
Business DevelopmentBjörn Larsson, Andreas Olsson, Henrik Blomgren
Additional Design InputJessica Sachs
Public RelationsIngo Horn

Nerlaska Studio Credits

Executive ProducerAlberto De Hoyo Nebot
Lead ProgrammerAlberto De Hoyo Nebot
ProducerAlberto De Hoyo Nebot
Game DesignVictor Marti Melchor, Wenceslao Espinos Luque, Ramon Majere, Alberto De Hoyo Nebot
Level DesignVictor Marti Melchor, Wenceslao Espinos Luque, Gustavo Pujadas, Alberto De Hoyo Nebot
Character ModellingGustavo Pujadas
AnimationGustavo Pujadas
Level ModellingGustavo Pujadas
TestingWenceslao Espinos Luque, Victor Marti Melchor

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