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Dragonfire: The Well of Souls Credits

50 people

Computerhouse AB

Executive ProducerMikael Östberg
ProducerHåkan Persson
Project ManagerOlof Stigert
Lead ProgrammerAnders Larsson
ProgrammingPer Jahn, Karl Broström, Rickard Prieto, Christian Holmquist, Patrik Häggblad
Graphics / ArtworkHenrik Skymne, Alf Svensson, Håkan Persson, Hampus Gimfalk, Paul Quiroga, Anders Hejdenberg, Anders Caspersson
Sound EffectsOlle Netzler, Carl Hansson
MusicCarl Hansson
Game DesignAnders Larsson
Voiceovers (Swedish)Karl Broström, Håkan Persson
PlaytestingPaula Andersson, Patrik Häggblad, Karl Broström, Marco Behrmann, Alf Svensson, Demi Kauristedt Tarride, Johan Döhl, Joakim Zetterberg, Carl Hansson, Douglas Carlsson, Rickard Prieto, Jim Nilsson, Jenny Hellström, Magnus Larsson, Olof Stigert, Daniel Svedlund, Andreas Roman, Hampus Gimfalk, Anders Caspersson, Christian Holmquist, Viktor Stigert, Erik Jansson, Anton Stigert

Target Games Interactive AB

DesignOdd Ahlgren, Henrik Strandberg
DraftsAlvaro Tapia
Intro & End SequencesDaniel Nygren, Claes Wikdahl
Title GraphicsPaul Christopher Bonner
LayoutMarcus Thorell, Nils Gulliksson

Weltenschmiede Studios

Translation (German)Bo Abrahamsson, Thomas Rsterlic, Olle Sahlin, Tony Warfvinge
Voiceovers (German)Eva Eiselt, Nadine Konietzky, Florian Benstem, Daniel Bucher, Erol Nowak
Additional ProgrammingChe-Riad Lalic
Art DirectorNils Gulliksson
ProducerHenrik Strandberg
Executive ProducerFredrik Malmberg

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rebound Boy (18788)