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Drakan: Order of the Flame Credits

116 people (88 developers, 28 thanks)

Surreal Software

Lead ProgrammingStuart Denman
Lead DesignAlan Patmore
Lead ArtistMike Nichols
Lead AnimatorMel Guymon
Internal ProductionNick Radovich
ProgrammingGreg Alt, Satish Bhatti, Tim Ebling, Shaun Leach, Armen Levonian, Tomas Vykruta
DesignIsaac Barry, Todd Clineschmidt, John McWilliams, John Whitmore, Duncan X
Art/AnimationLuke Anderson, Tom Byrne, Scott Cummings, Hugh Jamieson, Ben Olson, Joe Olson, Hans Piwenitzky, Ryan Potter, Heron Prior, Louise Smith
MusicBarry Leitch, Tim Ebling
Sound DesignBoyd Post, Nick Radovich, Pro-Motions, Clatter and Dinn, Ear Force
DocumentationStuart Denman, Jordan Thomas
TestersJordan Thomas, Clayton Denman, Andre Maguire, Stephan Yotz, Joseph Lindhartsen, Thomas Holley, Brooke Farnsworth, Kelly Steigman, Ryan Johnson, Jacob Rep, Jeff Rensvold, Matt Teemer, Paulette Peitersen
Unknown TitleLuke Anderson
Unknown TitleTom Byrne
Unknown TitleScott Cummings
Unknown TitleHugh Jamieson
Unknown TitleBen Olson
Unknown TitleJoe Olson
Unknown TitleHans Piwenitzky
Unknown TitleRyan Potter
Unknown TitleHeron Prior
Unknown TitleLouise Smith


ProducerStephen Patterson
Associate ProducerTami Gabay
Head Producer (San Francisco Studio)Bert Schroeder
Technical Development Mrg (San Francisco Studio)JF Prata
Art Manager (San Francisco Studio)Carrie Galbraith
Studio Manager (San Francisco Studio)Vince Hedges
QA Manager (UK Test Team)Peter Samuels
Product Test Mgr (UK Test Team)Lee Darbyshire
Product Eval. Mgr (UK Test Team)Arthur Parsons
Lead Testers (UK Test Team)Wayne Smith, Alan Mawer
Testers (UK Test Team)Stuart Williams, Mark Halsall, Allan Speed, Mark Magill, Jenny Newby, Stuart Allen, John Wild, Barclay Christmas, Chad Bordwell, Tanya Oviedo, Joe Gozum
Special ThanksErik Heinrich, San Francisco Art Group, San Francisco Test Group, Tom Prata, Maurice Molyneaux, Nino Ceraolo, Jerry Healy, Jerome Paterno, Tracy Egan, Mark Beaumont, Alison Fennah, Simon Donbavand, SDL International[for localisation]
Extra thanks toKim Rogers (as acting producer when the road got rough), Hugh Jamieson (for killer box art)
Senior Central Product Development ManagerRick Naylor
Public Relations ManagerDana Oertell
Assoc Public Relations MgrBrian Kemp
Sr Product Marketing MgrDouglas Sherman
V.P. MarketingHarry Vitelli
Creative Services DirectorRobert Schonfisch
Box IllustrationHugh Jamieson (Surreal Software)
Box and Manual DesignScott Allen
Creative Services/Operations ManagerMonique Catley
In memory ofCheryl Patterson
Head of Central MarketingJerry Healy
U.K. Product ManagerKevin McSherry
U.K. Public Relations ManagerGary Nichols
German Product ManagerDirk Weyel
German Public Relations ManagerMichael Paul
French Product ManagerCaroline Dupuy
French Public Relations ManagerBenoite Lavie
International Product ManagersSuzanne McGlynn, Stefanie Wassell
International Public Relations ManagerJohn Walsh

Surreal Software - Special Thanks

Putting up with the long hours with the "other woman" Rynn and her Dragon, ArockhOur wives, Significant others, Friends
VoicesLani Minella (Rynn), Jeff McNeal (Arokh)
Motion CaptureMichelle McVadon, Brittany Billmaier
Keeping us awake with the best bean in town, Pagliacci, and Mirth the wonder ChinchillaLadro
Keeping up the newsJacob Robinson, Carl Nelson, Colin Braumiller, Kyle Davis, Steve Silva, Steve Gibson, Billy Wilson, sCary

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Credits for this game were contributed by Riamus (8519), Accatone (5321) and formercontrib (158798)