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Drakan: Order of the Flame Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Riding The Dragon
In the temple
Rynn and Arokh meet another guy who's about to die
Walking close to the dragon carrying the best sword in the game
Arokh's been awaken
This dude is about to get a major thrashing..
the grimstone generator
North bay islands
Succubus bay
helping Tuiri die
the magic bridge
the succubi
the rune pedestals
rynn's confused..
the rift crystal
arokh is missing, rimril is dying..
this one'll help us if we can find get her her mirror
arokh's caged..
the ironically ugly succubi queen
the baddies have some evil use for Rynn's brother..
the average Rynn..
stealth helps..
Rynn in dismay..
peace sign ??
In the Ice World, in front of two dead giant wartoks.
Boss-fight vs an Ice-Dragon
This looks a little suspicious...
Aiming in 1st-person mode.
A giant wartok is throwing axes at Arokh.
Taking out some trogs.
Battle against two Flame Knights - better lure them to Arokh.
Try not to get smashed.
A succubus is attacking.
These huge minotaurs should be avoided when Arokh isn't around.
Some of the caves are very large.
Someone's throwing trogs at Rynn.
Rynn finds some treasure chests.
Dark Knights are among the most dangerous enemies.
Battling another dragon.
Attacking an enemy turret.
Poor guy.
A bunch of useful items
Air combat is extremely fun and dangerous.
Note when using a bow you need to manually enter fps view.
Armor and arrow types can be swapped
New armor and its former owner
World map
Armor and items are being used by simply point and click.
This dragon can be picked up in multiplayer.