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Drawn: The Painted Tower Credits

68 people (52 developers, 16 thanks)


Executive ProducerPatrick Wylie
ProducerChristian Campbell
DesignersChristian Campbell, Brian Thompson
Art DirectorBrian Thompson
Lead DeveloperPeter Yiap
ArtistsHamzah Kasom, Soi H. Che
AnimationRebecca Coffman
DevelopersRachel Weil, Sean Richer, Emmanuel Icart
Sound DesignAndrew Sayers
QA ManagerBrander Roullett (Badger)
QA LeadBrishan Merrill-Brown
Senior TestersRye Johnson, Wendy Scodeller, Chris Tobolski
TestersKim Bartlett, Armando Castillo, Sean Gabrielyan, Ryan Gibson, Will Herschelman, Alex von Hochtritt, Mark Janecka, Christina Kasinger, Kevin Loesken, Grayson Nootenboom, Joanie M. Rich, John Schmidt, Leila Vandiver, Aaron Weed
Additional ArtMike Yamada, Venti Hristova, Alexia Tryfon
Additional DevelopmentMike Anderson
Additional AnimationJames Bradrick, Michael Baran
Additional DesignKevin Lambert
Voice of 'King' & 'Wizard'Brian Thompson
Voice of 'Iris'Ana Aspacio
Special ThanksJeremy Lewis, Paul Thelen, John Holland, Paul Handelman, Morgan Harter, Joni Campbell, Melinda Barnes, Emmanuel Marty, Fran McNally, Gena Yousoufian, Lisa Berry, Margie Bissainthe, Aaron Limonick, Erik Haldi, Sean Hummel, Jenny Park-Chan

Music Composition, Casting and Additional Sound Design - Clean Cuts, Inc.

ProducersTori Pavone, Tom Dao
Casting DirectorKendrah Polk
ComposersChris Kennedy, Austin Caughlin, Wall Matthews
Music MixersRich Isaac, Archie Moore
Sound DesignersJared Bartlett, David West, Harry Evans, Jeremy Guyre, John Rigatuso
Voice of 'Franklin'Paul Bicknell

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (256019)