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Dream Pinball 3D Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu (demo version)
Table select (demo version)
Title (menu) screen
AmberMoon table (demo version)
Table and difficulty selection screen
Control settings screen
Display options screen
Knight Tournament table
Fight for the Honour of the King (Knight Tournament table)
Monsters table
Explore the World of Horror (Monsters table)
Dino Wars table
Hunt in the Ancient Age of Giants (Dino Wars table)
Spinning Rotors table
Take off for the Ultimate Emergency (Spinning Rotors table)
Aquatic table
Dive into a Marine Adventure World (Aquatic table)
Amber Moon table
Amber Moon table
Amber Moon table upper side details (note the writings reflected on the glass)
Ready to shoot (note the spring at the bottom left corner. Ball launch degree of force can be chosen)
Jackpot achieved (resulting in a substantive amount of million points)
Ivory ball
Score list
The view selection menu (upper-right corner). F4 will exit the game, so you want to press C instead :))
View type n.1 (Amber Moon table)
View type n.2 (Amber Moon table)
View type n.3 (Acquatic table)
View type n.4 (Spinning Rotors Table)
View type n.5 (Dino Wars)
View type n.6 (Monsters table)
View type n. 7 (Knight Tournament table)
We made it tilt