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Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Hanging onto a waterwheel
The guardian realm
The guardian realm: over a bridge
Zoë Castillo – the main playable character - will get involved in a web of unsolvable problems.
April Ryan has lost her home, her old friends, her faith in herself and in the others.
Kian, one of the three playable characters, has never questioned his faith. Until now.
Lock-picking mini-game. Easier than it looks.
The game is a quest, but you can interact with the environment as in modern games.
Zoë’s hacker friend.
In Arcadia, you have to deal with fanatics. In Stark, with a mind-controlling corporation.
Hacking mini-game.
Some problems can be passed in different ways: with stealth, disguise, combat, talking, object use.
You’ll meet characters from the previous game, but you don’t need to know its story to enjoy TLJ2.
Pushing a letter
With a few exceptions, the game is quite linear. It’s more like an amazing interactive story.
There are some situations that require stealth.
Zoë enters the world of her visions.
A fighting sequence with health bars shown.
April visits the Dark People's Library.
Two old friends reunited, though it will take a little time to straighten things out.
April and Crow often need to devise cunning plans.
One of the locations Zoë visits is Japan.
Zoë in her room, along with Wonkers.
Some of the touching moments take place neither in Stark or Arcadia.
Zoe scans the surroundings in Venice, Newport. This will highlight all the interactable objects on the screen.
A shape-matching puzzle with a time limit
Some dialogue choices don't affect the outcome of the conversation. In this case, however, the wrong choice will lead to a fight you won't be able to win.
The Azadi culture is based on real-world Iran. This is the view of the tower, which is quite similar to the real Azadi tower in Tehran.
You'll be treated to some very nice views.
When you open your inventory, you have several choices. The upper one is to use the object on whatever you're currently locked on.
Zoe in her apartment.
You can call a cab to travel to other parts of the city.
Fighting lessons.
Talking to your boyfriend.
Following the cat into the apartment building.
April, the protagonist from the original game.
Hand icon lets you interact with the object.
April's room, this brings back memories.
Zoe, talking to April's close friends.
Watch out for the scanning bots.
Some answers to questions from the original game may get answered in this one.
At the port.
Zoe will meet new friends, or lovers.
Friends or foes?
Two playable characters engaging in conversation.
With experience... or time, comes wisdom.
Zoe is looking for a way into the factory.