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Driver: Parallel Lines Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
A rather strange loading screen
All the cut-scenes are very stylish. (intro)
70ies style car montage (intro)
Title screen (intro)
A side of central square in 1978. (in-game cut-scene)
A cop is on my tail. (in-game cut-scene)
The damage model of the game is rather detailled. (In-game cut-scene)
INCOMING! Get the camera out of the way! (in-game cut-scene)
Finally I can take over the controls of the car.
One of the few games which led you run over normal people.
The Bronx - rather obvious
The handling of such a car is difficult because it breaks easily.
Slink - your boss back in the old days. (in-game cut-scene)
Girls play an important part too of course. (in-game cut-scene)
Although your car is your home, you can also go for a walk.
Mission start
Jumping out of a car at full speed sends you straight to the floor.
This ride is totally wrecked.
A few clicks in the garage and your damaged car looks as good as new.
Black looks so much better on this one.
Collected one of the many big stars, that float around in mid-air all around the city.
Hijacking a police car and driving around the shore.
There goes the hood.
Nice view on a part of New York. Notice anything?
Time to get a gun. (in-game cut-scene)
Cool, cooler, the coolest
Hitting barrels isn't as much fun as you think.
Nice ride. You need to fill it with bullets.
If you've locked on to a target you can move around without losing it from your sight.
Took out a tire - also that car wouldn't drive anymore anyway.
Reloading is a very important part of a gangster's life.
Boom. That was an aimed shot at the gasoline tank.
Slink tells me what to do next. Notice that really cool dude on the left.
Yeah a car chase with bullets!
There goes a hydrant.
He is fast but not fast enough for my bullets.
Got him! But my car looks damaged.
These signs show side missions. In this case it's a race.
I think I have the wrong car for this race.