Drowned God: Conspiracy of the Ages Credits (Windows)

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Drowned God: Conspiracy of the Ages Credits


Created and written byRichard Horne
Co‑created by Alastair Graham
Art Directed byAlastair Graham, Richard Horne
Produced byAlgy Williams, Labyrinth Productions
Directed byRichard Horne
Interactive Design & Production ManagerAnthony McGaw
Interactive Design & AV CoordinatorIñugo Orduña
Additional WritingMark Burgess
Script EditorAlgy Williams
Head of 3D AnimationIan Faichnie
3D AnimationChristopher Harrison, Dusan Strugar, Gavin Moore, Oscar Gonzalez, Philip Dobrey
Lead ProgrammerPaul Collis
Programming ManagerDarren Barnett
ProgrammersKarl Scotland, Eden Swift, Mark Norgate, Matt Haikin, Guy Blair, Gareth Jones
Animation & Graphic DesignAdrian Day, Thomas Jackson, Andrew Newman
Post ProductionThomas Jackson, Andy Potts, Andrew Bayton-Power, Tomas Gillo, Catherine Wilson
Data ProgrammingIan Jebson, Andy Wyper
TestingBen Wibberley, Michelle Tatters, Ian Jebson, Andy Wyper, Dino Emmanuel, Claire Hartill, Paul Mohan, Gareth Anthony
Sound track & Audio effects composed byWill Joss, Tom Smythe
Audio Post ProductionGavin Shepherd, Paul James, Lee Nicklen
Music & Audio Effects ProducerRichard Horne
StoryboardsAlastair Graham
SystemsSDC, Bruce Leigh, Kwok Tang, Gerard Page, Max Hodgson
Production AssistantsChloë Hayward, Erika Edwards, Sarah Way, Nicola Leighton
Puzzle DesignChris Maslanka, John Morris
Research, Puzzle Prototyping & TestingMandy Horne
UFO ResearchMark Burgess
Motion CaptureAndreas at Red Post Virtuocity
Mime ArtistsGraham Walters, Richard Horne
Voice Over ArtistsAnthony Jackson, Peter Serafinowitz, John Baddely, Kate Harper, Billy Jay Mitchell, Richard Horne, Brad Levelle, Brian Eames
SculptorGreg Boulton
Digital ScanningCybersite
Special Thanks toMandy Horne, Celia Williams, Diane Graham, David Riordan, Lena Marie Pousette, Brenda Barkway, Louise Rogers
Executive ProducerClive Shepherd
Multimedia AnimationMetagraphics Media!Lab

Other Credits

Labyrinth ProductionsAlgy Williams, Alastair Graham
Iron HorseRichard Horne, Richard Horne, Mark Burgess, Mandy Horne
Manual Text & ArtRichard Horne
Sound CreditsDavid Peacock, Gavin Shepherd, Paul James, Richard Horne, The Sound Company [London]
Music by Miasma Will Joss, Tom Smythe
Additional Music PiecesDiner Music: Excerpt from Paradyning: Always Want, Mark Burgess and Yves Altana appear courtesy of Dead Dead Good

Published by Inscape

Producer Michael Etchart
Executive ProducersMichael Nash, Antonia Smithson
Publishing ManagementPatrica Bodner, David Boss, Robert Sebastian, Brett Skogen
Marketing Art DirectorMelissa Hertz

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