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Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Credits

49 people (42 developers, 7 thanks)

3D Realms

Design ConsultantsGeorge Broussard, Scott Miller, Bryan Turner
Thanks toThe 3D Realms Staff, The Remedy Crew for additional playtesting
Special Thanks toTodd Jason Replogle, Allen H. Blum III, Terry Nagy

Sunstorm Interactive

ProducerRobert Travis
Lead ProgrammerDaniel Edwards
Behavioral ProgrammingDarren Mohle
ProgrammingChris Brooks, Michael Kraack, Dustin Russell
Prism3D Programming SupportDaniel Edwards, Matt Gdowski, Gary McNickle, Darren Mohle
Lead ArtistRyan Butts
ArtistMick Buck, Jeramy Cooke, David Graham, Jason Smith
Art SupportDavid Manuel, Todd Marshall, Thomas Miller, Robert Travis
AnimatorRichard Lico
Lead Level DesignRobert Travis
Level DesignJeremy Blumel, Matt Harris, Kris Stout, Chris Voss
Game Concept / DesignJeramy Cooke, Daniel Edwards, Darren Mohle, Robert Travis
Creature / Weapon DesignRyan Butts, Todd Marshall, Jason Smith
Sound DesignGary Phillips
MusicDarren Mohle
Music ContributionsJustin Chornenky, Matthew Diffin, Gary Phillips
Voice TalentJon St. John (Duke Nukem)
Additional VoicesDavid Manuel, Judith Peterson, Jennifer Wildes

ARUSH Entertainment

President / CEOJim Perkins

Sunstorm Interactive

Special thanks toTony Campiti
Prism3D Engine Development and special thanks toSCS Software

ARUSH Entertainment

EVP of Product DevelopmentDavid Adams
Chief Financial OfficerDean Hoffman
Manager of Marketing CommunicationDonald Case
Producer (ARUSH Entertainment)Chris Boxmeyer
Artist (ARUSH Entertainment)Justin Chornenky
PlaytestingTiffany Kronebusch
Special ThanksPeter Armstrong

HD Interactive

SalesMike Klumper, Becky Walker
LogisticsMartijn Draaisma
MarketingEdgar Kapp
ProductionVincent van Diemen

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Credits for this game were contributed by Wizo (29545), NeoMoose (1261) and formercontrib (158860)