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Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

An Example of One of the Cutscenes
Makin' Bacon
Duke Finds a Secret
Break Barrels and Crates for Items
Gibs Everywhere!
Death By Pipebomb
You Have To Defuse Bombs To Save The Chicks
"Must be 18 or older to ride" -Duke Nukem
The Environment Can Pose A Threat
Duke has tried that horny goat weed, and look what it made him today
Warning: Running on the freeway can be hazardous to your health
Hmm, I wonder what food they're advertising
"Well, that car saved my ass"
Is it just me, or is that Pig-Cop chatting with one of the chicks?
"Take me in your arms, Duke"
Waiting on the platform. No-one in sight
Sloshing around in the sewers
Train approaching Duke
In the abandoned trainyard
Ma, look at the size of that big bad alien!
Duke riding a platform
Duke making his way inside the train
Riding over a pool of that fine Glopp
Duke on the oil platform
Duke inside a space station
Can't get out that way
Duke inside a lab
What does he think he is? An astronaut?
Duke, look out for those laser beams
The final showdown between Duke and Morphix
Fighting helicopters may be dangerous
Hello, grandma ?
Shake it baby....
Jetpack, man's best friend.
End sequence. Typical for Duke.
Nice touch! (Duke from Duke Nukem II, from the 1st level)