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Written by  :  Martin Smith (78)
Written on  :  Nov 08, 2003

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Money For Old Rope

The Good

It's an improvement on Dune 2, no question. The graphics and sound are much better, and it adds some cutscenes.

The Bad

It does nothing that Command & Conquer didn't do 3 years earlier - in fact, it's essentially less. Like Dune 2, it only has one ground surface, making for bland looking levels and a lack of gameplay variety, and not many units by modern standards. It's clear that it's been aimed as a cash-in and time-filler, something Westwood would never have done in the old days.

The Bottom Line

Not a sequel to Dune 2, but essentially a remake using the technology at the time. And it was showing it's age. Only buy it if you can get it cheaper than Dune 2, or you don't have a DOS-capable PC. Dune 2 has more charm, and a genuine place in history.

You can't take a 1950s music system, change the casing, add fancy speakers, and expect it to match a current model. This is the same situation.