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Advertising Blurbs

Italian distributor's website (PC version):
    In Dungeon Keeper, per la prima volta in un gioco di ruolo, è il giocatore che controllerà la prigione sotterranea e gli esseri diabolici che si nascondono nelle sue profondità. Comanderà tutti i generi di creature: dai folletti maligni fino ai draghi che sputano fuoco. I tesori disseminati intorno alla prigione sotterranea attireranno piccole bande di avventurieri da sconfiggere con ogni mezzo. Il giocatore si trova in una prigione sotterranea dalla mappa dettagliata in cui può scegliere la prospettiva sia in prima che in seconda persona. Con visuali completamente ruotabili e vere fonti di luce, la prigione crea un'atmosfera unica ma anche molto giocabile. Personaggi completamente vettoriali si aggiungono al realismo del programma, mentre il guardiano della prigione può controllare più di 20 diversi mostri, installare trappole e torture, cominciando da un semplice, insignificante buco fino ad arrivare ad una vera e propria rete sotterranea di camere e corridoi.

    Contributed by jean-louis (37676) on Jan 03, 2015.

Print advertisement - PC Player 02/1996:
    Steuern Sie zahlreiche Monster.

    Erledigen Sie Helden um Helden.



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    3 gemeine Mehrspieler-Modi:

    Wächter, gegen Helden, Wächter gegen Wächter und Deathmatch.



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    Bauen Sie sich Ihren eigenen Dungeon.

    Kontrollieren Sie die Action aus 3 verschiedenen Blickwinkeln.



    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (234212) on Apr 08, 2010.

Print advertisement - PC Player 12/1995:
    Dürftig möblierte, dunkle Wohnung mit WC in unruhiger Lage.


    Zeigen Sie Ihren wahren Charakter.

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    Gerne an tolerante Personen ohne Geruchssinn.


    Zeigen Sie Ihren wahren Charakter.

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    Bewerbungen von Helden und Weltverbessern nicht erwünscht.


    Zeigen Sie Ihren wahren Charakter.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (234212) on Apr 08, 2010.

Back of Box - Windows (US + Canada Dual Box):
    Survey your dungeon from 1st and 3rd person perspective Zoom in, zoom out and rotate your world 360 degrees Discover hidden areas within levels Network and modem multiplayer options

    Contributed by Tatar_Khan (678) on Nov 23, 2008.

Privat Computer PC Magazine (June, 1997):
    ER UDE!


    Du er kun god
    Når du er ond

    10/10 "Det bedste spil lavet i dette årti!" - PC Player

    Contributed by Apogee IV (2327) on Jan 12, 2007.

Advertisement in PC Games, September 1997 (German):


    dungeon KEEPER


    Contributed by Xoleras (66724) on Sep 28, 2004.

Press Release:

    The Latest PC-CD Title From Bullfrog Proves the Old Saying That Nice Guys Finish Last

    Los Angeles, CA, May 16, 1996 -- In the history of computer entertainment, traditional game developers have utilized the good vs. evil scenario, with the player assuming the hero role. Now Bullfrog takes this definition and gives it an unexpected twist in their new title, Dungeon Keeper. The player is now the evil dungeon keeper and must manage and control the dungeon as well as the sinister beings who preside there. Once again Bullfrog creates a game that expertly combines action and strategy as well as the sought-after multiplayer option for up to eight players, available on both Netbios and network IPX.

    As their history proves, Bullfrog constantly pushes the envelope of technology. Dungeon Keeper's 360 degree fully-rotational, texture-mapped dungeon can be viewed isometrically from a third or first person perspective as well as from an overhead map view. In multiplayer mode, this means that four competing dungeons can be viewed on the same map. Other multiplayer options include a battle training arena or one dungeon keeper versus up to seven heroes/players.

    Amidst the action, strategy and resource management are key elements in the dungeon keeper's success. Bullfrog's artificial intelligence (AI) technology has created an environment where creatures not only choose to live in your dungeon, but also set up their own lairs within its walls. The player can even take control of the creatures' actions, moving them to key areas or summoning them to battle. It's through this perspective that the one-on-one fight scenes are their most intense.

    Other strategic elements involve the building of the dungeon. To store weapons and stolen treasure, it may be necessary to build an armory and treasury. Other structures such as a library, twisting hallways, training rooms, or traps may be necessary to successfully and efficiently run the dungeon. With 16 distinct spells and 16 different creatures and monsters, the deep, involving gameplay of Dungeon Keeper will more than satisfy Bullfrog fans around the world.

    Since its formation in 1987, Bullfrog has created titles that have changed the face of gaming. Their first title, Populous, defined the 'god game' genre and has since inspired numerous clones. This was followed by other-winning titles such as Populous II, Powermonger, Syndicate, Theme Park, Hi-Octane, last year's Magic Carpet, and most recently, Magic Carpet 2. With over 85 awards to date, Bullfrog earned Computer Player Magazine's 1994 Best Software Developer award, as well as numerous similar awards in Europe.

    Dungeon Keeper signals a renaissance for the fantasy role-playing genre. Dungeon Keeper will be distributed by Electronic Arts in June 1996 for the PC-CD with an SRP of US$59.95.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76448) on Apr 22, 2004.

1997 EA catalog:
    Evil is good

    Create the foulest, dankest, most loathsome slime pit in the kingdom and establish yourself as master of all evil. Powerful magic, deadly traps and vicious (or at least hungry) monsters are your weapons against the hordes of clean-cut heroes who invade your lair.

    You're the bad guy.

    Multiple gaming perspectives, including first-person control of any creature and a 3-D isometric view.

    True light-sourcing with real-time shadow effects.

    Over 20 spells to research, master and cast.

    360-degree rotating, 3-D world.

    Contributed by Zovni (10644) on Jun 30, 2001.

Back of Box (US):
    A rare and truly innovative twist on traditional game design." - PC Gamer

    Your dungeon is dark and foul and slimy, just the way you like it. You've got a fully stocked torture room, a prison for your helpless captives, and a workshop filled with big uglies cranking out cogs for your war machine.

    Now you're ready to find some good guys and club the smiles off their shining faces.

    · SWITCH YOUR PERSPECTIVE: Look down from above using a 3-D isometric view, swoop in and possess your minion for first-person perspective and action, or survey your dungeon with an easy-to-read map.

    · ROTATE YOUR VIEW: Zoom in, zoom out, rotate your world 360 degrees, shine your light source into the dark corners. When you're the boss, there's no place for goodness to hide.

    · TAKE ON YOUR FRIENDS: Modem and 4-player network multiplayer options... or pit yourself against computer-generated hordes.

    · UNVEIL HIDDEN LEVELS: Discover new areas to explore, nestled within the heart of your realm.

    Contributed by doj (30) on Jun 09, 1999.