Dungeons of Dredmor Credits (Windows)

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Dungeons of Dredmor Credits

DoD was made by The Gaslamp Games Team

Lead Programmer Nicholas Vining
Game Design Nicholas Vining, David Baumgart, Daniel Jacobsen
Principal Artist David Baumgart
Business Director Daniel Jacobsen
ProgrammerDaniel Jacobsen
Sound EffectsMatthew Steele
MusicMatthew Steele
AnnouncerMatthew Steele
Website & Systems Administration Derek Bonner
Director of Business Development Chris Dykstra
Monster AnimationChris Triolo
Original OS X PortNick Alexander
Expansion CodeNick Alexander, Chris Whitman
Ports & HackmasteryRyan C. Gordon

With the help of these fine people

Principal Character Animation Bryan Rathman
Character Animation Tim Wexford
Executive Producer Ben McGraw
Font Wrangling Jason C. Reed

You Have To Name The Expansion Pack Brought to you by

FaxPaxJames Raine
Interior DredmoratingRolfe Blythe Bergstrom
Skills Rebalancing, WarlockeryMichael Danielson ('Essence')
Clockwork Knights/RogueAlexander Valencia
Battle GeologyJason Carr

With Thanks to

Small, Useful Libraries Sean Barrett
Art That Got Cut Daniel Harris, Jon Wofford, Anthony Joas
Additional Additional Character AnimationHunter Russell, Pedro Sanchez
John Ratcliff's Code Suppository John Ratcliff
Free Sounds! freesound.org
Beta Testing by Josh Jersild, Alex Mosolov, Weston Robinson, Angelo Scaccianoce, James Barry, Manny Hernandez, Brian Critser, Mathieu Dugon ('Daynab'), Scott Yost, Mark Perrotti, Alex Havens, Megan Seely, Kelly Chen, David Everhart, Maciej Sawitus, Sean Hamilton, James Funfer, Andrew Lin Ting, Marcel Birthelmer, Gareth Hughes, Will Rogers, Tyler Jenkins, Jake Roth, Dan Samela, Pat Boyer ('Gagflex'), Paul Soares, Taxonomic, Pakoito, 'Nethertribes', Charles Vermillion, Brian Jeffears, Simon Brydon ('f0f'), Spencer Milliner ('Everdraed'), Cal Lindfors, Andrew Masten, Scott Mackintosh, Something Awful Goons - StarkRavingMad, Aristobulus, Ibram, Mega, Orfeo, Krastinov, and others members of the Something Awful and Quarter to Three Forums

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