Dust: An Elysian Tail Credits


A game byDean Dodrill
Music & Sound (HyperDuck SoundWorks)Christopher Geehan, Daniel Byrne-McCullough
Additional Music (Funky Rustic)Alexander Brandon
Voice Direction & Casting (Toon Platoon Casting)Deven Mack, Edward Bosco (asst.)
Story & WritingDean Dodrill, Alex Kain
CastLucien Dodge (Dust/Jin/Cassius), Kimlinh Tran (Fidget), Edward Bosco (Ahrah), Amber Lee Connors (Ginger), Mick Lauer (Elder Gray Eyes), River Kanoff (General Gaius), Edwyn Tiong (Fuse), Eileen Montgomery (Lady Tethys), Joshua Tomar (Baron Kane), Anna Kingsley (Haley), Steven Kelly (Mayor Bram), Mike Varker (Avgustin), Michael Johnston (Reed), Nathaniel Arnold (Shopkeeper Mordecai), Ty Konzak (Bean), John Mondelli (Calum), Karen N. Kahler (Oneida), Kamran Nikhad (Geehan), Francine L. Farley (Cora), Stephen Lynch (Fale), Andrew Dennis (Gianni), Amanda Gonzalez (Colleen), Erica Mendez (Corbin), Justin Briner (Moska), Miranda Gauvin (Sarahi), John Aponte (Matti), Lizzie Freeman (Bopo), Kira Buckland (MaMop), David Dixon (Blop), Karen N. Kahler (Oneida), Matthew Gafford (Old Gappy), Teresa Decher (SmoBop), Chris Guerrero (Commander), Curtis Arnott (Soldier), Xander Mobus (Merchant Sereth), Sean Chiplock (Sanjin), Chris Niosi (Moonblood Soldier A), Cody Coleman (Moonblood Soldier B), Zach Holzman (Moonblood Soldier C), Blake Swift (Moonblood Soldier D), Noah Scammon (Moonblood Soldier E)
Special Thanks for their Contributions and InspirationJames Silva, Michelle Juett Silva, Greg Kasavin, Supergiant Games, Derek Yu, Edmund McMillen, Tommy Refenes, Jonathan Blow, David Hellman, Philippe Poisson, Renaud Bédard, Twisted Pixel
Dean Dodrill would like to thankMicrosoft Studios and the XBLA Team, The XNA Development Community, All of my generous Playtesters, My wife; children and family, and to an everloving God
HyperDuck SoundWorks would like to thankTheir friends and family for all their support and understanding, Kevin Carville (for his advice and feedback over the last year), Michael Carville (for an amazing logo), and Dean; for being such an inspiration throughout this project; and a good friend
Alex Kain would like to thankMom, Dad, Jen, Care, Rachel, Sean, David, the Venan Crew, and all family and friends near and far.
Alex Brandon would like to give thanksFor the love and patience of my family: Jeanette; Nicholas; Conner and Sean.
Toon Platoon Casting would like to extend a special thanks toJessie Thomson, Sunday Muse, Eric Schuran, Ryan McCormack (Frogs), Jeremy Harrington, Phillip Sacramento, Voice Acting Club & Alliance, Tom Fulp (and Newgrounds.com), The Samurai Pizza Cats

Microsoft Studios: Xbox Live Arcade Team

ProducerAndrew Williams
Lead TestersJason Wohlfeil, Paul Loynd
Design TeamDaniel Fornace
Development TeamJason Hewitt
Release ManagementJosh Mulanax, Tyler Keenan (Xtreme)
Lead ProducerKevin Hathaway
Executive ProducerMark Coates
Senior Director, XBLA PublishingTed Woolsey
Business DevelopmentCherie Lutz
Portfolio DirectorChris Charla
Product ManagerDaniel McConnell
MarketingMichael Wolf, John Dongelmans, Raymond Estrada (Simplicity Consulting)
Community ManagerAlex Herbert
Software Engineer (Europe Localization Team)Gerard Dunne
Test PM (Europe Localization Team)Ricardo Cordoba
Test Lead (Europe Localization Team)Tomasz Sobolewski
Translation PM (Europe Localization Team)Magali Lucchini
PM (Europe Localization Team)Malika Kherfi
Software Engineers (Asia Localization Team)Takashi Sasaki, Hiroshi Hosoda
Test Lead (Asia Localization Team)Hiroya Horai
Tester (Asia Localization Team)Yong Hong Park
Production Manager (Asia Localization Team)Tomoko Yamada
Project Manager (Asia Localization Team)Shinya Muto
User Research LeadTim Nichols
User ResearcherKristie Fisher
Special ThanksBrian Weiss, Kevin Salcedo, Craig Ledski Leigh, Nicki Beaudry, Christopher M. Rubyor, Scott Fintel, Andy Beaudoin, Jason York, Chad Dylan Long, Matt Golz, Dan Smith, Joe Djorgee, Nick Bodenham, Jared Barnhill (Aditi), Brian McCarty (Xtreme Consulting Group Inc), Mark Currie, Microsoft Studios Black Ops, Shield Compatibility Lab

Microsoft Studios: Experis

Senior Test LeadLloyd Bell
Test LeadAmelia Hannon
Software Development Engineer in TestValeriy Novytskyy
Software Test EngineersNick Hardy, Eric Ranz
Test AssociatesAlan Hume, April Culberson, Clayton K. Hopper, Gillian Williams, Isaac Price, Jacob Martin, Jae Yslas, Jason Fox, Jeffery Woito, Jonathan Tote, Josh Breese, Kevin Lourigan, Marc Williams, Masha Reutovski, Matthew Howells, Michael Arvat, Rickie Thornley, Risë Lugo, Ryan Naegeli, Zack Cutri

Microsoft Studios: PC Team

Lead TesterJason Wohlfeil
Strike TeamBradley Shockey (Experis), Chad Stringer, Chris Gaffney (Volt), David Yingling (Collabera), Jacob Farley (Aditi), Mark Bonagofski (Apex Systems Inc.)
Localization ProducerZeb Wedell
Localization Project ManagersJae Young Lee, Shinya Muto, Estelle Skeels
Localization Project EngineersMunetaka Fuse, Hiroshi Hosoda, Yong Zhao
Production ManagersNatsuko Kudo, Yuko Yoshida
Test LeadsYong Hong Park, Dustin Wood


For my dearestElizabeth

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (215689)