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Muze Inc. - N64:
    After a hard day of doing whatever earthworm superheroes do, Earthworm Jim is hit on the head by a flying cow. After lapsing into a coma, Jim awakens in his own mind and discovers that he has gone insane.

    In order to regain his sanity, he must travel through the various worlds in his head and collect the loose marbles, as well as the golden udders. However, these things are not just lying in easy-to-reach places. Jim will have to use all of his talents including jumping, crawling, hanging, running, helicopter spinning, and blasting enemies.

    Many of the classic enemies like Evil the Cat and Professor Monkey for a Head return, and all of the gameplay is what you expect from an EARTHWORM JIM game, only in 3D. Help Jim collect his marbles and return to the land of the living in EARTHWORM JIM 3D.

    Special Features:
  • Four worlds based on Earthworm Jim's Brain
  • First Earthworm Jim game in 3D
  • Classic enemies like Evil the Cat and Professor Monkey for a Head
  • 15 different weapons to use
  • Use special Earthworm moves like head whip and helicopter spin

    Contributed by Jeanne (76378) on Feb 19, 2006. – Nintendo 64:
    After a series of disappointing delays, Rockstar Games has whipped Earthworm Jim into shape and buffed him up for his first 3D adventure.

    When Earthworm Jim first stepped onto the 16-bit scene, he shocked the gaming world with a perfect mix of quirky comedy and action-packed gameplay. His N64 premiere is equally bizarre, and it's clear from the get-go that developer VIS Interactive refuses to take itself seriously.

    Familiar villains return to wreak havoc this time around, but Jim's real enemy is his own brain. Jim's worst fears and anxieties have been released, and the only way he can maintain his sanity is to crawl into the small space between his ears and collect his lost marbles. Jim's cerebral spectrum has been broken down into four sections: Memory, Fear, Fantasy and Happiness.

    Nintendo Power Source recently received a near-complete version of EWJ 3D, and we'd like to share with you a sneak-peek at the first section of Jim's brain. If you're not afraid to enter the mind of a madworm, read on ...

    Peter Puppy returns to guide Jim through the dusty corners of his subconscious. This central area holds the doors to all four areas of Jim's brain, which are opened by collecting Golden Udders. The first leg of Jim's adventure takes him into the depths of his own memory.

    It wouldn't be an Earthworm Jim game without mucous, and it won't be long before you run into Snot. Even though the Snot Swing doesn't appear in the game, Snot pops up occassionally to teach Jim how to perform his special moves. Pay attention when Snot instructs on the camera controls, because you'll have to use them frequently to get a good view of the action.

    Since Jim's worst memory is the Terrible Farmyard War of '72, the entire Memory level has an agricultural theme. Jim must re-live every moment of the horrendous experience, and do what he can to help the chickens outsmart the cows. Boxes emblazoned with Psycrow's image can be shot, usually revealing hidden marbles and energy.

    Here, Jim avoids huge grenades as he clammers to the upper reaches of the barn. Take time to collect every marble you see, because this is the only way to increase Jim's I.Q. Pressing the A and B Buttons simultaneously results in a super jump -- a brand new move which comes in handy in this area.

    Colonel Pluckitt commands Jim to recover his stolen briefs. Our hero soon discovers that the chicken is referring to an undergarment, not paperwork. Ah yes, bathroom humor never goes out of style.

    After completing the first stage of the Memory portion of Jim's brain, it's clear that the 16-bit insanity of Jim's early years has resurfaced. It may have taken VIS Interactive a few years to develop this title, but we're glad that they were unwilling to release a product that didn't live up to Jim's reputation.

    Earthworm Jim 3D will be available to the masses by the end of September, and any gamer with a sense of humor should get a kick out of Jim's introspective adventure.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65795) on Aug 15, 2005.

U.S. print ad:

    After getting konked on the noggin, Jim back flips, pig-boards, and helicopter heads his way through six neurotically insane levels of his own unconscious brain. Better yet, he gets to romp around freely in lush 3D environments. But do you want to tell our studly hero that it's "all in his mind" or should we?

    Worming Your Way Fall '98.

    Contributed by lugnut (381) on Apr 28, 2004.