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Earthworm Jim 3D Credits

97 people (83 developers, 14 thanks)

Codey Nonsense

Head PolywobblerPaddy Burns
ArtRobert Jeffrey, Neil Pollock, Paul Simms, Giles Tuck
Crash Test DummiesShannon Clouston, Alastair Graham, Scott Wilson
Mr Fix itsMichelle Sapsed
Head FarmerKirk Ewing
Chicken WranglerRobbie Graham
Lead BeardJonny Dobson
Consultante de la FranceChris Mullender
Consultant Heart SpecialistRichard Reavy, Waldo Docherty, Kenny Mitchell, Graham Templeton, Gary Ushaw

Weirdo Pictures

Lead NorthernerPaul Munro
Made worm moveMike Jones
PencilsDave Hill
Weirdo PicturesLeanne Adams
Chief Crustacean WranglerChris Darling, Mark Estell, Simon Lessels, Steve Ianetta, Jim McLeish, Brian Smith
Lead AnxietyPeter Shea, Hayden Duvall, Ralph Fulton, Stephen Hewitt, Eric Holmes, Brian Roberts, Dave Savage, Michael Traquair
Pump MeisterStewart Clark, Lee Banyard, Allan McGlone
Groovy Tunes: Written, produced and performed byGed Grimes
Extra Strings and thingsAccordion, John Huband
Guitar/Mandolin/DobroChris Marra
Guitar/Vocoder/VocalGregor Philp
Trumpet SolosRyan Quigley
Throat TalentDan Castellaneta (The Worm), Eric Meyers, Ronnie Golden, Norman McCallum, Stewart Clark

Crash test dummies

Lead HeidRoland Smalley, Matthew Bett, Martin Connor, Malcolm Fraser, Chris Peck, Craig Smith, Phillip Stephens
Mr Fix it(s)Brian Cotter, Jonathan Crilly, Freek Leemhuis
Glamour BoysDavid Keningale, Neil Pollock
Executive of FearScott Maxwell
Minions of DarknessDave Lee, Russell Murray

VIS Toffs

Chief Executive OfficerChristiaan van der Kuyl
Chief Operations OfficerPeter Baillie
Chief Financial OfficerTony Robison
VP SoftwarePaddy Burns
VP CreativeKirk Ewing
VP DevelopmentScott Maxwell
Head of ArtJamie Bryan
Head of AudioStewart Clark
Office ManagerRoni Percy
Maternal InfluenceMarjacq
Paid to like the gameBastion, TVI
Other Groovy People…Tony Bickley, Pauline Boniface, Nick Dey, Alasdair MacAuley, Dunfermline High, Vikki McCluskey, Louise Baillie, Chink, Brian Gomez, Brian Fargo, Peter Bilotta,


Interplay Production Team V.P. of P.D.Trish Wright
Senior ProducerMatthew Findley, Diarmid Clarke
Art DirectorRobert Nesler
Assistant ProducerNana Penemo
Product ManagerHarvey Lee
International Co-ordinatorNathalie Foster
QA ManagerPhilip McDonnell
TestersDrew Waldegrave, Philip Matthews, Jamie Toghill, Steven Frazer, Roy Gay
Packaging DesignA Creative Experience - London

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Diarmid Clarke, 43 other games
Brian Gomez, 41 other games
Matthew Findley, 38 other games
Trish Wright, 38 other games
Robert Nesler, 35 other games
Scott Maxwell, 35 other games
Scott Wilson, 34 other games
Jamie Toghill, 26 other games
Dan Castellaneta, 26 other games
Nana Penemo, 24 other games
Paul Munro, 24 other games
Robert Jeffrey, 23 other games
Paddy Burns, 21 other games
Lee Banyard, 21 other games
Drew Waldegrave, 21 other games
Martin Connor, 20 other games
Tony Bickley, 20 other games
Christiaan van der Kuyl, 19 other games
Richard Reavy, 18 other games
Alastair Graham, 18 other games
Leanne Adams, 17 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Wizo (29545)