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Eets Munchies Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
Selecting a world. There are 4 available, plus one that must be unlocked.
Selecting a puzzle in Furrio Forest. There are 12 in total.
The loading screen shows gameplay tips.
The very first puzzle serves as a tutorial.
After placing the wooden board, press "go" and see Eets reach the cake.
After finishing a puzzle, the game shows how many treats you've collected. Collecting more treats unlock items in the level editor and new Mystery levels.
The first puzzle in Kaboom Desert. Sun springs are introduced, which will bounce when activated.
The first puzzle in Spooky Caves. New here are bomb carts, which explode when activated.
The first puzzle in Windy Peaks. In this level we have fans, which blow wind when activated.
The first Mystery puzzle. The cannon is new, it shoots cannonballs when attached to spindles. Mystery levels don't have treats, only a cake.
The Workshop, where levels designed by other players can be downloaded and played (Steam version).
The Puzzle Maker, where players can make their own puzzles and share with other people (Steam version).
The Puzzle Maker interface. At the bottom of the screen, several items are available for puzzle construction.