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The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Skaal Village
Fighting in FPP
This furry monster on right -it's me :)
Nice armor
Lost in forest
Equipment, stats and map of Bloodmoon area
The first thing you see when you land on Solstheim: Fort Frostmoth.
You'll quickly find that it's vitally important to be heavily armed and then some.
The locals are friendly; however, there aren't a lot of them.
Now what on earth happened here?
Are you alright? You look a little perpendicular.
Once again, an escort mission. Except this time, there are walruses frolicking in the background.
The mining colony of Raven Rock builds up gradually as you complete quests.
Play your cards right, and you may be given a cabin to call your own. And what a splendid treasure keep it makes.
...hey, I have to keep them *somewhere*.
Levitation is by far the easiest way to get around Solstheim.
Levitation also gives you more of a view to check out the scenery.
...such as the enigmatic Mortrag Glacier.
I'ma put a spell on you
For variety, I'm now escorting a polar bear. Yes, really.
How not to be seen, lesson 29: the "invisibility" spell.
Snow on Solstheim often comes in so hard and fast, our heroes have to shield their eyes.
Castle Karstaag, home of the frost giant Karstaag
Some Berserker is fighting without armor or weapon.
Exploring a cave, looks like I'm not the only one...
There are a lot of wolves in the woods of Solstheim.
Talking to Tharsten Heart-Fang in Skaal's Great Hall.
A strange fire on the surface of Lake Fjalding
Fighting a Draugr.
They can't attack me while I'm using my levitation ring.
Talking to Korst Wind-Eye about the Ritual of the Gifts.
The Riekling is guarded by a group of Spriggans. They can't see me while the Invisibility spell is active.
Activated one of the six Standing Stones.
You can transform into a Werewolf during the main quest.