Written by  :  Twilightseer (264)
Written on  :  Jan 25, 2006
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.63 Stars4.63 Stars4.63 Stars4.63 Stars4.63 Stars

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A wonderful package with all the updates

The Good

It includes Tribunal and Bloodmoon as well as the original Morrowind game in a nifty 4 CD case and beautiful packaging. All you need to know about Morrowind is there. The best selling game of 2002, comes back with force with the new features in the expansion packs. All the versions have been updated to the latest and comes with a construction set to make your own mods. High replayability and lush graphics accompany this growing franchise of first person RPG games.

The Bad

As with Morrowind series, there's tons of walking to do and well all that walking gets a bit boring as you travel from town to town looking for hints to solve your quest. Some people who have low attention spans, might be turned away.

To get access to all the good visual features of the game demands a high end system, but I manage to play on a Pentium III 866mhz system with low setting and still churned a steady 35 frames per second. On my new computer which is an Athlon 64 system, that figure jumped up to about 56 frames per second. It eats up alot of CPU power.

The Bottom Line

For around 30 bucks you can own all three games in one box, complete with a manual and keyboard keys to set up. It's a wonderful RPG game, and has already garnered attention from modmakers all over the world making mods for the game. So the replayability remains high. I recommend this highly to all die-hard RPG games. Own the best game of the year for 2002.