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The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal Credits


Project LeaderTodd Howard
ProducerAshley Cheng
Lead DesignerKen Rolston
Lead ProgrammerCraig Walton
Lead ArtistMatthew Carofano
Lead Character ArtistChristiane H. K. Meister
Writing and Quest DesignGavin Carter, Brian Chapin, Mark E. Nelson, Ken Rolston
ProgrammingAhn Hopgood, Chris Innanen, Mike Lipari, Craig Walton
Additional ProgrammingSteve Meister, Matt Picioccio
World Art and BuildingHope Adams, Noah Berry, Christine Miller, Gary L. Noonan
Additional World Art and BuildingMark Bullock, Frank Ward
Character and Creature ArtChristiane H. K. Meister, Juan Sanchez, Ka-Kei Wong
Additional Character and Creature ArtMark K. Jones, Tohan Kim
Associate ProducerTodd Vaughn
Quality Assurance LeadMichael Fridley
Quality AssuranceMichael Fridley, Michael Mazzuca, Alan Nanes
VoicesJeff Baker, Shari Elliker, Linda Kanyon
Voice RecordingAbsolute Pitch Studios
Manual WritingAshley Cheng, Pete Hines
Manual, Map and Package DesignMichael Wagner
National Sales ManagerLori Rehr
Director of PR and MarketingPete Hines
PresidentVlatko Andonov

Ubi Soft

Marketing EMEALaurence Buisson-Nollent, Thomas Petersen, Delphine Delesalle, Rémi Perreault, Vincent Cotte
Marketing NationalPhil Brannelly, Michael Thielmann, Sylvaine Gomez, Stefano Rigattieri, Michiel Verheijdt, Oriol Rosel, Evelyn de Vooght, Sören Lass, Yannick Theler
EMEA Production DepartmentPierre Escaich, Laurent Lugbull, Bénédicte Carré

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Credits for this game were contributed by Al Senan (14) and Patrick Bregger (242930)