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The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The great capital Mournhold lets you visit some beautiful places like the Temple District...
... and the Plaza Brindisi Dorom.
Although under the strict control of Indoril guards...
... quite insane ancient weaponry can be found (and stolen, ahem) throughout the city.
One of Tribunal's main features is the widespread complex of dungeons beneath Mournhold.
There you have to take your stand against new dangers.
And finally, you get to meet Almalexia herself...
... and take a look at the throne room of the Royal Palace.
Mournhold's Great Bazaar
The robot arena in Ignatius Flaccus’ house.
The Museum of Artifacts
Fighting a Goblin warrior.
You need someone to carry your items? No problem, purchase a pack rat!
The Temple Gardens underneath Mournhold
One of the king's guards
Exploring the Great Bazaar sewers.
Entered Godsreach.
A guard gets attacked by some strange enchanted machines.
Talk to Effe-Tei if you want to get back to Morrowind.
Our hero is wearing his Templar armor.
The outdoor theatre in the Great Bazaar (one of the side-quests).
Walking through the Royal Palace.
Ancient ghost
You can hire this mercenary.
The bookstore in the Great Bazaar
Watching the fight from a safe distance.
This Dwemer-bot shoots with the crossbow.
Little mechanical spider
Come on!
You can find some new alchemy ingredients in Mournhold.
A Bosmer thief needs my help.
This place is crawling with Dark Brotherhood assassins.
I didn't do anything, this guy attacked me right away.