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Retro Spirit Games (Dec 23, 2013)
It is no exaggeration when I put Eldritch forward as one of the best games of 2013. It is a game that has immersed and hooked me like no other and, thanks to its randomly generated levels, will be one I will be returning to again and again well into 2014. I cannot recommend it highly enough, so do yourself a huge favour and purchase it today!
Polygon (Oct 14, 2013)
Even in this initial release, even after a dozen hours of review play, I don't feel bored with Eldritch. Each new life presents its own problems. Each snippet of forbidden knowledge adds a wrinkle to the gameplay. Maybe this next run I'll be short on keys and need to figure out an alternate path around high walls. Maybe this time I won't get caught by the unkillable slime monster hanging out on the third level. Maybe I can trick that lizard-man into falling into a spike pit. That curiosity keeps calling me; the Great Old Ones would be pleased.
Rely on Horror (Nov 03, 2013)
The biggest problem with the game, though, is the fact that it’s very short. I managed to beat the game in three hours and only died six times in total, which many players won’t consider worth the $10 asking price. The replay-value isn’t very high either, so if you are looking for a good introduction to the roguelike genre, then The Binding of Isaac or Rogue Legacy would offer a better challenge and more content for about the same money. If you’re already into these kinds of games, however, then Eldritch should certainly not be overlooked.
GameFront (Nov 01, 2013)
Minor Key Games has packed Eldritch with tense exploration that forces interesting choices on a moment-to-moment basis. The downside is that it took some significant digging to reach that rich, ichor-covered center with New Game +. Not that the post-game is perfect by any stretch, with its severe spikes in difficulty and the occasional inescapable dungeon where a wall bars the way and there is no dynamite in sight. Eldritch is designed to be replayed over and over, so a few bad playthroughs are forgiven fairly easily in the long run, but tiny annoyances and an overwhelming atmosphere hold it back from scratching that “just one more try” compulsion.
Joystiq (Nov 05, 2013)
No matter what powers, weapons or gear you end up with, Eldritch challenges you to learn its systems. You can't memorize the level layout, so you'll have to take into careful consideration your surroundings, what you're capable of, and how you can put your abilities to proper use. You have to be clever. You have to understand. You have to seek knowledge in a playground of sorcery and revolver pistols, filled with cultists and star-spawn.
80 (UK) (Nov 18, 2013)
But that's Eldritch for you - a sweetly toxic blend of Lovecraft, Minecraft, Spelunky and BioShock. Those are some strong influences right there - those are some bold, rich flavours. Thankfully, Eldritch is able to draw them all in and emerge distinct and characterful in its own right. It avoids the typical pitfalls of video game maths.
Quarter to Three (Nov 11, 2013)
Eldritch, by Minor Key Games, is a first-person roguelike set in a blocky Lovecraftian fantasy. It’s unforgiving of mistakes, and it’s so dang adorable, you’ll want to hug every deadly enemy you see. Check out that Deep One in the above image. He’s so lovable! He hops and makes a goofy “glorp” noise when he chases you down and kills you. Awwww. Next thing you know, you’re looking at the death screen, getting ready to resurrect back in the mysterious library.
IGN (Nov 01, 2013)
Eldritch's various components tend to work quite well on their own, and create most of a great Roguelike. But the speed and arbitrary nature of death means that the crazy desperate stories of near-death (or death) that make other games in the genre so memorable are unlikely to occur. Because of this, Eldritch can't quite take its place with the best of them.
GameSpot (Oct 28, 2013)
Eldritch does right with the revered Cthulhu mythos, bringing to life its sinister lore and pitting gamers against Lovecraft's insidious demons. Though a short ride, the game provides plenty of jumps and scares, just in time for Halloween.