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Elite Darts Credits


Published byPatch Products Inc.
Designed and Developed byPerpetual Motion Enterprises Inc.
Project LeaderJohn E. Slaydon
Lead Game DesignerJohn E. Slaydon
Lead ProgrammerAshley MacKenzie (credited as Ashley McKenzie)
ProgrammerJim Feinberg
Visual Art Director / 2D Artist / 3D Artist/AnimatorBrenda I. Tracy
Technical Art DirectorGregory Polens (credited as Gregory 'Ish' Polens)
2D Artist/AnimatorGregory Polens (credited as Gregory 'Ish' Polens), Ray Tylak, Vincent Rose
3D Artist/AnimatorGregory Polens (credited as Gregory 'Ish' Polens), Ray Tylak, Vincent Rose
CinematicsRay Tylak, Vincent Rose
Music / Sound EffectsChristopher Groegler (credited as Chris Groegler)
Special ThanksBruce Jacobson, Lani Cowell, Innovative Media Corp.

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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (157432)