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90 (Jan 10, 2000)
My family arrived for Christmas bringing a game called Elite Darts by Patch as a gift. Well, the other day it was just too cold and windy for the traditional daily game of darts on the back porch overlooking the sea, so my son in law, Billy, and I decided to load up the cyber version of darts. We just stuck in CD into the machine and after a couple of sips of some cold beer we were in business. The game loaded up with no problems what so ever... smooth. Well we first just dived into the dart game of baseball but were met with disaster. No way could we get a dart to hit the target much less reach the electronic board.
Power Unlimited (May, 1999)
Het is in het begin misschien even wennen, maar darten met Raymond van Barneveld, Elite Darts is leuk. Je zult er geen avonden achter elkaar mee zoet zijn, als tussendoortje kan ik het je zeker aanraden.
Gamezilla (Jul 12, 1999)
This is one of those games that you can play any time and anywhere, such as a quick game while waiting for your friends to pick you up, while on that boring business call, or even 20,000 feet in the air. This is just like the real thing, a lot of fun and a game for everybody. Sometimes it is hard to see where the dart has landed and how many points were scored, but after playing this game for hours at a time you will adapt to it and figure it out. Overall, I don’t have many gripes about the game other than wanting a larger variety of games.
Overall if you're looking for a good multiplayer game and something to play against you're friends when you cannot go to the bar and play some real darts then Elite Darts is a game you want to get you're hands on.
The dart throwing itself is most akin to a golf simulation. A transparent arm appears on screen; you aim with the mouse and then throw by thrusting the mouse forward. The speed of your mouse movement determines the velocity of the dart. It’ll take a couple of games to get the feel down, but once you do, the play is natural and pretty dead-on. If this appeals to you, then ELITE DARTS is about as faithful and accurate a darts sim as you could ever hope for, minus the drunken morons walking in front of the board as you throw—the game’s only serious omission.
PC Gamer (Aug, 1999)
Essentially, Elite Darts doesn't do anything wrong. The throwing mechanics are tricky and will take a long, long time to master - but such is the precision of darts. Dare I suggest that what the game lacks is the "extreme" element, something to make it more fun to play. Sure, head-to-head can be a blast, but the single-player game simply lacks entertainment value. Darts could be more fun than this.
Neugierig auf eine der raren Pfeilwurfsimulationen am PC, durchforstete ich das englische Handbuch und das Tutorial, die ordentlich informierten. Weniger ordentlich funktioniert die Steuerung. Das Hin- und Hergeschiebe mit der Maus präzise zu meistern und die Scheibe an der gewünschten Stelle zu treffen, geriet oft zum Glücksfall. Das Throwing Meter war da wenig hilfreich, und so ein Spiel lebt nun mal von einer guten Steuerung. Nur mit Easy-Throw-Option ging's besser. Lieber werfe ich mit den beigepackten drei Softdarts auf unsere hauseigene Scheibe oder gehe mit Freunden in die Spielhalle zocken.