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My personal favourite in the Strategy genre! Chris Jeremic (160) 4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.4
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.4
Overall User Score (11 votes) 3.4

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Empire Earth II is simply a must-have for any serious RTS fan. It may be deep but it's fun and it will last a long, long time.
IGN (Apr 25, 2005)
Empire Earth II is a really, really big game. Lots of people like to throw the word epic around, but this is certainly appropriate. Not only for the many periods of history involved, but for all of the variations of play, hours of gaming, and tactics that can be used to crush your enemies. Mad Doc has taken the ground works laid down by Stainless Steel with the original title and created a truly deep and enjoyable real-time strategy experience on all levels. Both single player and multiplayer are a hell of a lot of fun. This is truly an epic game on all levels.
Game Chronicles (Jun 20, 2005)
I have to highly recommend that you try this new version of Empire Earth II. Mad Doc has outdone itself this time and I only wish that other game sequels would follow this example. Empire Earth II really pulls you into the action. The storyline and gameplay have been designed to introduce beginners to the world of Empire Earth and at the same time make it challenging for the RTS veteran.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Apr 30, 2005)
Empire Earth 2 is een bijzonder knappe RTS dat de lat voor de concurrentie alweer een beetje hoger legt.
ActionTrip (Apr 28, 2005)
Empire Earth II is a game for hardcore RTS players with a hell of a lot of time on their hands and quite a lot of patience. It brings some relatively dull, as well as some rather engaging campaigns, a large number of military units spanning through various epochs in the human history, and some particularly interesting historical moments revived in an intelligent fashion. It also has a solid replay value, bringing an easy-to-use map editor and an engaging multiplayer. Most of the game's options are very functional (like the War Planner), but there are also some that aren't particularly well conceived (such as the citizen manager, and the inhuman stupidity of your units which are not using the roads). The advanced diplomacy options, the solid AI and the inclusion of some realistic elements, such as weather conditions, make it truly enjoyable to play. On the other hand, its complexity will tend to bore you rather than intrigue you after some time, and I cannot tell why it is so.
PC Games (Germany) (May 11, 2005)
Ein Spiel wie ein VW Golf: Kein Auto, dem man hinterherguckt, dafür ist allein schon das Probesitzen wie Nach-Hause-kommen - alles ist da, wo man es erwartet. Bauen, forschen, verteidigen, belagern, spionieren, eskortieren, kämpfen - hier ist die Echtzeit-Strategie-Welt noch in Ordnung. Wenn Sie historisch angehauchte Titel wie Age of Empires, Cossacks, Rise of Nations oder eben Empire Earth geradezu verschlungen haben, ist das Ihr Spiel. Immerhin gibt’s einige wirklich schöne Ideen wie das Beobachtungsfenster. Etwas mehr von diesem TDI-Appeal hätte dem Spiel gut getan.
85 (May 26, 2005)
Für einen alten Echtzeitkrieger wie mich bietet „Empire Earth 2“ viele Stunden an neuen Herausforderungen. Ich mag Missionen, die nicht innerhalb von 60 Minuten gelöst sind – ich stehe auf knifflige Strategie. Aber selbst mir ist „Empire Earth 2“ manchmal ein Stück zu schwer. Ich will schließlich zum Spaß spielen! Spaß macht vor allem der Mehrspielermodus: Es ist spannend, wenn mittelalterliche Ritter gegen bereits besser gerüstete Musketiere zu Feld ziehen. „Empire Earth 2“ ist Profis zu empfehlen. Einsteiger sollten überlegen, ob sie nicht ein einfacheres Produkt vorziehen.
Large troop deployments are often a jumble of confusion thanks to troop AI that is generally unintelligent. That won't disappoint the rabid history buff, for whom this title was tailor made.
Armchair Empire, The (Aug 14, 2005)
Empire Earth II is likely one of the richest real time strategy games I have ever played. There is an abundance of strategic elements to the game that on their own would serve to be enough material for two games. It's a credit to the developers that all the options, features and design elements do not bog down the gameplay and instead enhance it in almost every way. Having not played the first game, it took me a while to warm up to Empire Earth II (EE2) as it is a little overwhelming at first having all these strategic elements to learn and remember.
84 (Jun 22, 2005)
The original Empire Earth contained some flaws that made it fail to become one of the classics amongst along the lines of Command&Conquer and Total Annihilation. With tons of options, lots of hours of gameplay and great graphics, Empire Earth 2 is supposed to close the gap with these titles named above. Will they close the gap this time?
Verwacht geen revolutionaire gameplayelementen, maar 'gewoon' een killer van een game dat zowel bij de liefhebbers van het origineel als die van alle concurrenten uren, dagen en vele lange lange nachten off- en online plezier zal scoren.
Game Revolution (May 03, 2005)
Still, Empire Earth II succeeds far, far more often than it fails. The ability to multitask is essential to the success of any RTS player, but few interfaces have so naturally supported this fact. The strategic possibilities are limited only by the skill of the player. It's likely too complex for some and isn't without a few hiccups, but those with patience to burn will find this a bright candle indeed.
PC Action (May 25, 2005)
Empire Earth 2 erinnert mich an Angela Merkel: Sieht nicht sonderlich gut aus, aber es steckt durchaus was dahinter. Es macht Laune, sich durch die Zeitalter zu kämpfen und immer neue Technologien zu entwickeln. Gut, die KI der Gegner und die Wegfindung lassen mal wieder zu wünschen übrig, dafür entschädigen die ausgeklügelten Mehrspieler-Modi und der sinnvolle Schlachtenplaner. Damit hecke ich gemeine Pläne aus, um Kollege Brehme auf immer neue Art und Weise in die Knie zu zwingen.
Games Finder (Jun 22, 2014)
The game also now features a weather system which is something rarely seen in the real time strategy genre. This weather system can change the landscape of the game world and impact performance of units, even damaging them.
Only a few bugs have slipped through, the most notable being a weird unit-selection problem. The double-click option to select all units of a particular type didn’t always work. The bigger problem is the appalling lack of decent hotkey implementation, which may well be a deal breaker for some. On whole, however, Empire Earth II builds upon many of its predecessor’s strengths to deliver a sprawling RTS conquest game that is still remarkably user-friendly.
PC Zone (May 14, 2005)
EEII's lasting legacy will be, without a doubt, the innovations the developer has created for the interface. As other RTSs have borrowed heavily from Total War's campaign structure, so too will they steal Empire Earth II's diplomacy options and character manager. Empire Earth II may not be the best historical strategy game on the market, but it is bloody good all the same, and points to a bright future for the RTS.
Once you get a solid grasp on the game you will find yourself immersed in your empire and struggling to keep up with everything that is going on. The developers have created as many shortcuts and hotkeys as they could and they definitely prove helpful in your quest for success. If you are up for a major challenge (even on the lower difficulty levels) give EE2 a shot.
GameSpy (Apr 22, 2005)
The question for potential purchasers, then, is the reward worth the journey? In the case of Empire Earth II, the answer is "yes". Despite the large learning curve players have will have to overcome, once they know what they're doing, they'll be amazed at just how much fun this game is. Put simply, there's almost nothing that the developers haven't thought of when it comes to giving players the power to carry out the most elaborate and outlandish strategies. Want to put together a coordinated attack of two tank and artillery formations from two fronts while your ally launches nuclear missiles and bombards your enemies from off shore aircraft carrier? The game can handle it, and once players master the tools, they'll be amazed at the intricacy and depth that their strategies eventually attain.
GameSpot (Apr 27, 2005)
Empire Earth II has a lot of good points, but it's no friend to the casual real-time strategy gamer. While developer Mad Doc Software has improved on Stainless Steel's 2001 blockbuster, increased depth and additional options have turned a huge game into an absolutely colossal one. This sequel remains a standard historical RTS, but it's also a grab bag crammed so full of new features, interface amenities, and complexities that it's bursting at the seams. Still, if you can commit a great many hours to familiarizing yourself with all the game's nooks and crannies, expect to be rewarded with an enjoyable addiction that will cost you weeks, if not months, of your life.
79 (Apr 11, 2005)
Empire Earth 2 lehnt sich stark an Rise of Nations an, kann dessen Qualität aber nicht erreichen und bietet darüber hinaus viel zu wenig Eigenes. Richtig neu sind eigentlich nur der Bevölkerungsmanager sowie die Planungskarte für Schlachten, die zweifellos nützlich sind, aber auch keinen Funken der Begeisterung entfachen. Bei allem anderen inklusive Universität, Fortschrittspunkte und Wunder wird man den Eindruck nicht los, das irgendwo schon mal gesehen zu haben. Hinzu kommt, dass man viele auf den ersten Blick interessante Funktionen, wie etwa die Straßen, im Spielalltag kaum braucht. Immerhin wird das Bekannte von wuchtiger Musik, einfacher Steuerung und einem durchdachten Interface präsentiert. Grafisch hinterlässt das Echtzeit-Strategiespiel jedoch eher einen durchschnittlichen Eindruck, da vor allem Einheiten und Gebäuden der letzte Schliff fehlt. Trotz allem ist Empire Earth 2 ein gutes Strategiespiel, das aufgrund seiner aggressiven KI durchaus eine Herausforderung darstellt.
PC Powerplay (May, 2005)
Bei dem Test habe ich eins gelernt: So muss es sich anfühlen, in Shorts und T-Shirt gegen ein Hornissennest zu laufen. Das Spiel schaufelt mir in vielen Missionen solche Gegnerschwärme entgegen, dass mir Hören und Sehen vergeht. Allerdings zerlegen Hornissen keine kompletten Siedlungen. Bei solchen Szenarios ist der Frustfaktor verdammt groß, in anderen wiederum könnte ich die Entwickler umarmen, weil sie einfach vielfältige und gute Missionsziele eingebaut haben - gleich mit Belohnungen fürs Erfüllen.
GameStar (Germany) (May, 2005)
Wer gern an Herausforderungen knabbert und an Stellschrauben dreht, der darf hier Epoche machen. Und in Mehrspieler-Duellen ist der Wettlauf durch die Zeit nach wie vor eine originelle Erfahrung. Eine feine Experimentierwiese für frustresistente Profis mit modernster Hardware - denn die Performance ist eine Unverschämtheit.
RTS these days comes in two major flavors, low-level tactical slugfests such as anything by Blizzard or the Command & Conquer series, and more complex generation-spanning titles like Rise of Nations, Age of Empires, and Empire Earth II. And while EE II brings some very nice improvements in terms of interface to the table, it's still making small talk with the ambassador from Monaco while RoN and AoE discuss international trade agreements with the U.N. Security Council.
75 (Apr 25, 2005)
Empire Earth 2 est un très bon jeu de stratégie qui a cependant deux défauts : la réalisation graphique un peu en deçà du reste, et surtout le pathfinding qui montre souvent des signes de faiblesses. Ainsi, sur les cartes où les obstacles sont nombreux (arbres...) il n'est pas rare de voir ses unités prendre des chemins assez étranges pour arriver à destination ou pire, qu'elles restent simplement "bloquées" contre l'obstacle en question. Heureusement, les bonnes idées compensent ces quelques problèmes et on prend un malin plaisir à écraser ses adversaires, surtout lorsqu'il s'agit d'autres joueurs.
70 (UK) (Apr 26, 2005)
Ultimately, Empire Earth is a fun, solid RTS. But that's all. It fatally lacks a sense of creative vision other than just being a bit better than Rise of Nations, with its step-forwards more half-steps. In terms of a buying recommendation, if you're a genre-fan looking for the same old thing, but slightly better, then you'll be satisfied. But if you're looking for a new game when you go shopping for a new game, then this latest advance along the RTS tech tree has much to appreciate but not enough to demand the use of your precious resources.
Playback (May, 2006)
Empire Earth 2 nie jest grą złą, co to to nie. Jest niestety reliktem i krokiem w miejscu (bo specjalnie się nie cofa, a wnosi coś nowego - system koron), co w przyszłości może zaowocować niebezpiecznym dla fanów RTSów stepowaniem. Nie iwem jak to się dzieje, że nikt, chyba prócz Blizzarda, nie jest póki co w stanie zrobić gry, która będzie doskonała zarówno pod względem single, jak i multiplayera. Grom pokroju EE2 nie wróżę świetlanej przyszłości, przynajmniej wśród prawdziwych weteranów strategii. Niestety, albo coś na kształt Warcrafta 3, albo Total Wara... Bo jak mawiał Jezus Chrystus - "Ponieważ jesteś letni, ani zimny, ani gorący, wypluję cię z mych ust".
49 PC Gaming (Jul 12, 2005)
Empire Earth was the first in a long string of hybrid games to combine the fast thinking of real-time strategy with the depth of play found in a turn-based game like Civilization. It was a unique idea at the time. This idea was quickly seized upon and perfected by games such as Rise of Nations, and more recently, both Knights of Honor and the Total War games. Gamers looking for a real-time way to raise empires from the Stone Age to the Information Age will find that any of these games will do a far better job than this second installment of the Empire Earth series. In nearly every facet of it reflects poor design and sloppy execution. It's either a direct rip-off of better games or a useless and frustrating modification that isn't needed in the first place.